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Happy New Year

Happy new year! 2012 is here and we’re already half way through!

 I have started well with an exciting audition for a brilliant play at a great theatre. The play is one of my favourites, which is perhaps more commonly known as a Marilyn Monroe film. The part is fantastic, a real showcase of my ability and also a chance to show off my American accent. It’s a nice run and the money is good and also with a very up and coming director. It pretty much ticks every possible box!

 The audition was last week and I think it went really well. I had worked with the director before which is always a bonus. We had a nice chat beforehand and each spoke of what we have been doing since we last saw each other. I was relaxed and enjoyed the audition. I should find out this week – at least if I get a recall and I am already frantically checking my phone. I don’t want to check my emails, if I get an email from my agent it will be a no, a phone call and the news is inevitably good!

 I have had the usual positive, motivational start to the year that most people have. I have started on my fitness regime, going for a run yesterday and starting back full-time at the gym today. I am also looking into dance lessons. I am not sure which style to focus on yet but after a weekend of old-time movies I really want to look at tap dancing. The only problem with this is that my BF has very sweetly offered to accompany me and I don’t think tap was what he had in mind! But any dance class is good so I shall have a look around!

 I had a call from my commercial agent last week about an advert for Clio, which was great money and a fun part but you needed a driving license and I don’t have one. She was not pleased to discover this…. I have booked in for two lessons and hope to have my license by March. This may seem ambitious but I can technically drive, just not yet legally!

 On a slightly separate note I am also considering cooking lessons….They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, may be worth exploring that angle with directors….


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Dear Santa

This will probably be my last entry of 2011 and I want to end on a positive. The last week has been a little tough and I didn’t want to post until I got out of my slump, which I always do one way or another.

I found out that I didn’t land the film role, which I think I already knew but when you wait to hear back you can’t help but hold out hope. Personally I am surprised at the choice; I don’t think the actress is right for the role. She is a great actress and I like her work but I just can’t see her in this part. Maybe it’s because I felt it was so right for me and she is very different to me that it has thrown me. When you go up for a role which is so close to you in “real life” when you don’t get it, it can be soul destroying. After all who else can play yourself better than you? In this case this woman apparently! Anyway after the initial anguish and disappointment I have once again pulled through.

The recording for the HBO show went really well. Bless my BF we spent pretty much the whole night doing it but it was definitely worth it and as he loves the show as much as I do I think he was quite excited to do it.

It’s my last day at my “day job” today, at least for this year and I am off back to my parents this afternoon so my body is already starting to relax and my mind to unwind. The year has been tough but I have survived! I have had work, albeit briefly and I have met casting directors that I hadn’t met before. I think I have settled in to my new agency now and so I am ready to hit 2012 running. I do hear nearly every December that next year will be my year but I am going to say that next year really is. I turn 30 then (sob sob) so this blog will need to change, I will no longer be on the right side of 30!? My aim has always been to “make it” by the time I’m 30 and so it shall be!

I had a message recently on twitter by a lovely girl who asked me how I do it. How do I keep going when it seems nothing goes right? And well I guess I just do. There is no secret or formula it’s just life and you deal with it. I am lucky enough to be able to follow my dream, it doesn’t always go the way I want it to but I’m still doing it. Giving up is not an option cos what then? I have a great life, my work is not easy and I certainly don’t look forward to getting on the tube to go to my city job everyday but it could be so much worse! I have the support of friends and family (and lovely strangers on twitter!) and I know it will pay off. One day this blog will be turned into a book and sell millions….. at least that’s one of the things on my list to Santa and he nearly always delivers.

Merry Crimbo everybody and here is to an amazing 2012 x

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How important is food? Really?

I recorded for the cartoon which was so much fun. When I turned up there was a guy still in there finishing off and as I was listening to him I have to admit it was making me panic a little. He was extremely funny, I mean everyone was cracking up, that is not an act I wanted to follow. It’s good for the cartoon of course; we want it to be funny, just not before I go on!! I wouldn’t say comedy is my forte, I love it and I don’t think I am completely without wit – ahem –  but this guy was pretty much hilarious.

So I am up and go for it and it’s like a sauna in there! I mean I am sweating big time, and it looks like this is through panic and distress but it is genuinely boiling in there. So I take off as many clothes as possible without it looking weird and try my best to cool down. I take a large gulp of water, clear my throat and go for it and well, it’s really bloody funny. It’s at that point that I realise that it’s more about the writing, I mean obviously acting does come into play a little and there were a variety of accents that I needed to pull off but I don’t think I was any less funny than the other guy. Saying that the cartoon is not out till September 2012 so there is plenty of time for things to be cut and voices to be replaced…. I hope this is not the case but we shall see, the cutting room floor is not something I am completely unfamiliar with!

I went to theatre last week with a friend who is part of a theatre company I worked with last year. Going to the theatre always makes me hungry for work, especially if the play is brilliant and there is an actress in it that’s close to my age, and this play ticked both boxes.

After the show we get a wine and chat about it, me gushing about how much I miss it all and that I need to do something creative soon before I explode, and then she offers me three fantastic parts. She wants me to take part in their Rep season. No audition just straight in, with three highly sort after parts for an actress my playing range.

I am delighted, it would be for three months so it would mean giving up my day job AND the money for this is poor. Really poor. There is a small sum and then profit share, and that’s always a gamble. But after a few more glasses of wine and sitting in the theatre bar I have talked myself in to it. So I will be broke for a few months, I don’t need to go out, don’t need to travel that much, don’t need to buy things…. I head home ready to debate it out with the boyfriend. He is the sensible one in the relationship, the one who thinks logically and doesn’t get lost in the fairy tale of it all.

So I have my argument ready, how my soul is being crushed in this corporate world, I need to spread my creative wings. I AM DYING!! There is a bit of a pause before he asks me if I am ok and would I like a glass of water. I say I am fine and sit down. Realising I have been shouting at him for about half an hour in something close to pantomime. But he says he agrees, that I should go for it, that I am wasting my talents behind a desk. So what the pay is not great, he’ll help me out and when it’s over I’ll just get some bar work or cleaning somewhere, whatever, we’ll work it out.

Well this is not what I was expecting but it’s amazing. I am going to do it, throw caution to the wind and really live the actor’s life of struggle and sacrifice! Then I email my agent. She calls me, immediately. “Darling, really? I mean I see your desire to do it, I completely understand they are great roles but let’s think about it carefully” She then highlights all the negatives and unfortunately there are a lot. Not just the money but the time involved, three months is a long time to be out of action. After a thorough but fairly short discussion I am not doing it and I am back in the office…..

It’s depressing. Well not depressing really that’s a little extreme, but I did like the idea of it all. However I do have to be sensible and if I want things to move forward I need to pick my jobs carefully and in the meantime just bloody hang in there!!! I am recording the music video on Monday so that should be fun and I have an audition for a play on Thursday which is a good part, so there are things in the calendar. At least now I can afford to buy things again, and you know, eat. I guess that stuff is kinda important. Sigh

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That was great, not what we asked for, but great

Well once again there has been no news. The two auditions I had when I wrote to you last both went really well and I couldn’t have done them better but alas it doesn’t appear to have been enough.

When I walked into my final audition there was a big poster of me on the wall. The director laughed and said she had been staring at my face all day. Maybe that was the problem? After looking at my mug shot (it wasn’t a mug shot, it was from a show I had done for this company a few years ago!) she couldn’t bare to look at me anymore and decided it was a no. It’s funny whenever I see things like that or the title of the show I am going up for is somehow relevant on a different level I think it must be fate, a sign. When the audition goes well too then I have already convinced myself that surely the part must be mine…. I am trying, I know after nearly ten years you would think I’d know better by now.

I had a theatre audition last week which was a little strange. The money wasn’t great and although the venue wasn’t fantastic it was in London and for the lead so it had potential. The breakdown for the character said a northern accent… so I practiced a northern accent. I have actually improved on this. I used to be terrible, so much so that I told my agent not to put me up for anything that requires one. I haven’t told her otherwise but maybe she sensed that now I was ready.. or perhaps it was just a subtle quick up the backside to get it sorted. Anyway, I was confident, the lines were learnt and the accent was good so I was ready to go. Within about three seconds of my monologue I am stopped. Oh bugger, this does not bode well. Is my accent really so bad? Am I hearing something entirely different to them or am I just shit? Well it would appear that my northern accent it fine but what they were after was a Scottish one. Now, correct my if I am wrong but they asked for a northern accent; a northern accent is a northern accent, if they wanted a Scottish one then they should have asked for a Scottish one! So now I am stuck, the only reference that comes to mind is Fat Bastard from Austin Powers and I am certain that is not the way to go. So I tell them that I could try with the Scottish accent but it may be a little off as I hadn’t been expecting it. Thankfully they told me not to worry, that perhaps they weren’t clear… urm do you think?! I don’t say that I thank them for being understanding and apologise for my error. Well, after that I really wasn’t fussed about getting it which was handy as I didn’t.

So nothing on the horizon at the moment. Only a few new shows coming out that I had audition for to look forward to watching and comparing myself to whoever the girl is who got my role and wondering what she has that I haven’t. Wow, good times ahead!


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I predict a feast, I predict a feast!

It’s been a strange few days since my last post, what with all the riots and madness which has spread over the country I have been somewhat preoccupied. I can’t believe what has been going on and was saddened by what I was watching. But as I have said before this is a blog about acting and nothing more, so my lack of comments in relation to the current state of affairs is intentional.

 Well I still have had no word from the previous auditions – although I knew the advert one was a no after a few days (you usually hear very quickly when it comes to ads) – I still hold out hope for the big one. I know it doesn’t start filming till the end of the month and as we are not quite half way through yet I think I still have this week at least. So I can postpone the probably inevitable disappointment for a few more days at least. Yay.

 I had an audition for a comedy series at the end of the last week in which I had to dress up looking very Shoreditch. For those of you not familiar with Shoreditch it is a part of inner city London,  known for its “too cool for school” fashion and attitude. Personally I am not a fan. But I pulled something together and tried my best to seem like I was “cool” with it. I think that’s what they call acting….

 Anyway I get there and I am faced with another actress who has the same first name as me which seems to have thrown the CD a little as we have both been called at the same time. Just another joy of being an unknown, I am sure this would never happen to Sienna or Kiera. Although saying that I can’t imagine there are many other actresses out there with their names, excuse me if I am wrong. So anyway here I am face to face with the other actress who then proceeds to give me a hug. Ok, slightly overly friendly but perhaps this is just some sort of banter with the whole same name thing. So I hug back and then she says “this is funny isn’t it”…. Urm yeah, I guess?? Not that funny but ok, I’ll go with it. Then she says she feels like she knows me. Now I’m thinking I’m missing something here and then the CD comes out and the actress says “I was just saying how funny it is because we are always at the same auditions! Not only do we have the same name but we appear to have the same look too. We feel like we know each other”… Mmm, that’s not really true, she feels like she knows me but I have absolutely no recollection of her.

 Anyway she goes in first and I start looking over the lines. Then her audition starts and it’s like she is in the room with me. I can hear it clearly word for word. This in my experience is never good. It may seem like you have an advantage that you can see which way they are going and work around that, but it’s definitely a disadvantage. Especially when they are taking a totally different approach to you! It’s like she is reading for a different character but the lines are the same. This is a nightmare, I try to block it out but it’s impossible. Thankfully though I don’t think she’s very good, it’s not right for the character at all and the CD doesn’t seem to be too enthusiastic so I relax a little. Silly me. When I go in and do my read it doesn’t work at all. I didn’t’ get a chance to practice this with anyone and sometimes when you hear something out loud it sounds very different to what you heard in your head. I try to adapt but then it just seems like I am doing a very poor imitation of the girl before me. Disastrous, I leave deflated and also still have no idea what that other actress looks like. Why can’t I remember her face?! Oh well, I’m pretty certain I’ll see her again!

 I had another comedy audition this week for an extremely popular show. I had practiced a lot (this time out loud) and was feeling confident and excited about the meet and then the riots kicked off. The audition was slightly later in the day and in an area which I couldn’t’ be certain was safe so I backed out. I asked if we could rearrange but it looks like it was cancelled and I missed out. The fact that there was no trouble in that area was ridiculously annoying. Like visiting a doctor and being told nothing is wrong, you seem to feel annoyed that you had wasted your time. So I missed out on that and now the only thing I have on is an audition for an advert this afternoon. I never get excited about these as in all my years of work I have only done two…. The odds are not good.

 So like the weather my mood has turned miserable again… I feel no desire to riot you’ll be pleased to know, smashing up the town I live in and stealing from JD sports is not something I would do to cheer myself up, but hey that’s just me. I think it’s time for a pizza, and maybe some chips, I’m a little mental like that.


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I’m only interested in permanent markers

It’s been a quiet few weeks, hence my lack of posting. I never want to write just for the sake of it but felt it was best to post something so you don’t think I have gone AWOL. After my last confession of being on a major come down I can see the potential for people to think I may have gone mental. Well I haven’t, not quite.

I have had a couple of auditions, not as much as I’d like, but some at least. One was for a tour of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which is an amazing play but the destination of some of the theatres weren’t too appealing so in truth I don’t think my desire was there. I was also late. This had nothing to do with a lack of desire more to do with a lack of decent public transport. I really hate the tube. They were understanding and fortunately the director had also been effected by the disruptions but nonetheless it’s not a great start. It went ok but they only got me to read once and unless they say, “wow, that was amazing, prefect, I really don’t think we need to hear that again” I don’t think it’s ever a good sign.

The other was for an advert, sweet gig, four days filming in Berlin with just under £15,000 for your troubles. I got pencilled, not heavy pencilled, pencilled and so deep down I knew I wouldn’t get it. I wish they wouldn’t call unless I’m penned!! Well I waited until the day before filming started still thinking that the pencil may change into a pen and then my agent emailed with the sad news that the pencil had been removed. Erased, rubbed out, over. So that’s that.

I have had a few people ask me over the last few days how “it’s” all going and I have said to everyone without hesitation that it’s going well. That I am on target. That this time next year I will be a full-time actress, not temping to tide me over. I think it is important to have these goals, as long as you’re flexible. I have in all honestly hit the goals I have set myself so far. When I first started out I wanted representation in a year, and I got it. Then I wanted a personal agent by the time I was 26 and I got one and then I said I wanted one of the top agencies by the time I was 30 and I am well ahead on that one, ish….

So now the next goal has been set and I think as long as I keep willing it to happen I’ll get there. This is however quite a big goal, and not much time to achieve it in but I have to stay positive and focused. Jeeze if I had a penny for every time I’d said those words I think I would be able to afford to just be an actress!


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Just smile

What a few weeks it’s been! Kate and Wills are married, Obama has killed Osama and Wigan won a game…. Seriously though, I want to say now I am not going to comment on the Osama incident, this is a blog about acting and I think its best if I keep it that way. I have had messages on previous occasions when there has been some global catastrophe or world event asking me whether I had seen the news. Yes I read the news and yes I am fully aware of what is going on in the world but I am going to stick to what I know and that is acting….

I had lunch with my agent a few weeks back, which was nice. She allayed my fears about being dropped and assured me that it was only a matter of time before something comes along and they were all really pleased with the feedback they’d been getting. I wish the feedback could have been a touch more positive and they had actually gone that little bit further and given me the job, but one step at a time I suppose.

When I turned up to meet her I had made sure to look the best I could without it looking like I had tried too hard. I also had planned all the issues I wanted to raise as I know these social meets may be a rarity. When I saw the menu I was immediately drawn to the fish finger sandwich and chips but conceded that would not be a wise choice for a young ambitious health conscious actress, sigh. As I perused the options of lentils, beans, leaves and general rabbit food I found it increasingly difficult to pick anything appetising. At that point she told me I had to try the fish finger sandwich as it was amazing. I knew I liked her. This was the first time I had seen her since she signed me in January and although we have regular email contact its nice to meet in person.

We discussed how it was going, what the plan was etc. We also agreed that the sooner I get new headshots the better. They have been booked in for Friday and I pray to god it works out. I am also going to Cannes this year. My boyfriend is working out there and I am going along for the ride. I was dreading “net working”, as I would be doing it solo and I always find it a struggle but thankfully she told me not to worry about that. Everyone is out there for their own projects so she just told me to enjoy myself, always look nice, smile a lot and see what happens. Sounds good to me!

I have had a few good auditions since I last wrote and they have all gone really well. They’re all for big stuff and great roles but alas it seems that it’s just not happening at the moment. But I am hanging in there. I think a few days dressing up and smiling in Cannes will help immensely!

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