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Patience is definitely a virtue

It’s been an interesting October, consisting of travel, lots of “firsts” and finally “knowing” some people.

 Firstly I went away for the weekend to warmer climes and appeared in a short film. It was with a company I worked with two years ago and stayed in touch with. This was a new challenge for me as it was a short film in a foreign language. The character I was playing was English – funnily enough – but would be speaking in this particular language… at least that was the plan.

 Now I would like to say I spent three weeks practicing – that’s how long I had the script for – but that would be a big fat lie. I procrastinated, big time! I do have a habit of this when it comes to lines, but only because I tend to pick them up quite quickly and I always want to avoid the over rehearsed! I needn’t have worried about that. It was not a language I had studied at school, and apart from the usual hello, good-bye, can I have a drink please? I knew nothing! So when I finally got round to learning them I struggled!

 By the time of the filming however I thought I had it pretty much down. Mmmm, this apparently wasn’t quite the case. My pronunciation was off. So they decided to film it more like line for line and I would be aided by the crew before each take. This however did not work either, because now I sounded too perfect, not an English girl speaking in a foreign language. So in the end the majority of the piece was done in English. I personally think this was better any way and to quote Jessica Alba “Good actors, never use the script unless it’s amazing writing. All the good actors I’ve worked with, they all say whatever they want to say.” I think I have made my point

 Also a first was bringing my boyfriend along. As it was going to be nice and hot and I wouldn’t be working all weekend I thought it would be a good idea if he accompanied me. He also came on set. The best way I could describe that experience would be like having a kid in a car on a long journey. They get bored, hungry, and fidgety and constantly ask “are we there yet”, except he was asking “are you finished yet?” A lot of acting involves waiting! Waiting for makeup, hair, camera set up, lights, director notes…. and many more variables. I was actually filming for around 30 mins and I think we were there for about 7 hours so to be fair it was a long day for him but I think we both learned a valuable lesson!

 Coming up I will be recording for a cartoon. I am extremely excited about this as it is not something I have done before, the script is fantastic and it was written by one of my closest friends. Now I  like to think I would have gotten the part anyway but that would not be realistic so for the first time it was really a case of knowing the right people! Now don’t get me wrong I am going to do a good job, this guy would not jeopardise his project for a favour but still I am very grateful to him. I think the show is going to be a hit. He has some big names attached and there is a huge gap for a show like this over here. I do my first recording tonight; it’s not for a main character but for some smaller extra parts.  I am hoping if it goes well this may be something I get asked to do again. My boyfriend asked me if he could come and watch, I said no.

I will also be shooting a music video at the end of the month for a new artist and her first track and, she is another close friend. The song is really good and the concept for the video sounds cool so it seems all my “connections” are arising at once!

 After a fairly slow September this is a lovely boost as we approach the end of the year, a programme I filmed in June is also airing soon so hopefully that will bring some interest too. So to conclude, lessons have been learnt and spirits are running high, seems like Christmas is coming early for me 🙂


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That was great, not what we asked for, but great

Well once again there has been no news. The two auditions I had when I wrote to you last both went really well and I couldn’t have done them better but alas it doesn’t appear to have been enough.

When I walked into my final audition there was a big poster of me on the wall. The director laughed and said she had been staring at my face all day. Maybe that was the problem? After looking at my mug shot (it wasn’t a mug shot, it was from a show I had done for this company a few years ago!) she couldn’t bare to look at me anymore and decided it was a no. It’s funny whenever I see things like that or the title of the show I am going up for is somehow relevant on a different level I think it must be fate, a sign. When the audition goes well too then I have already convinced myself that surely the part must be mine…. I am trying, I know after nearly ten years you would think I’d know better by now.

I had a theatre audition last week which was a little strange. The money wasn’t great and although the venue wasn’t fantastic it was in London and for the lead so it had potential. The breakdown for the character said a northern accent… so I practiced a northern accent. I have actually improved on this. I used to be terrible, so much so that I told my agent not to put me up for anything that requires one. I haven’t told her otherwise but maybe she sensed that now I was ready.. or perhaps it was just a subtle quick up the backside to get it sorted. Anyway, I was confident, the lines were learnt and the accent was good so I was ready to go. Within about three seconds of my monologue I am stopped. Oh bugger, this does not bode well. Is my accent really so bad? Am I hearing something entirely different to them or am I just shit? Well it would appear that my northern accent it fine but what they were after was a Scottish one. Now, correct my if I am wrong but they asked for a northern accent; a northern accent is a northern accent, if they wanted a Scottish one then they should have asked for a Scottish one! So now I am stuck, the only reference that comes to mind is Fat Bastard from Austin Powers and I am certain that is not the way to go. So I tell them that I could try with the Scottish accent but it may be a little off as I hadn’t been expecting it. Thankfully they told me not to worry, that perhaps they weren’t clear… urm do you think?! I don’t say that I thank them for being understanding and apologise for my error. Well, after that I really wasn’t fussed about getting it which was handy as I didn’t.

So nothing on the horizon at the moment. Only a few new shows coming out that I had audition for to look forward to watching and comparing myself to whoever the girl is who got my role and wondering what she has that I haven’t. Wow, good times ahead!


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I predict a feast, I predict a feast!

It’s been a strange few days since my last post, what with all the riots and madness which has spread over the country I have been somewhat preoccupied. I can’t believe what has been going on and was saddened by what I was watching. But as I have said before this is a blog about acting and nothing more, so my lack of comments in relation to the current state of affairs is intentional.

 Well I still have had no word from the previous auditions – although I knew the advert one was a no after a few days (you usually hear very quickly when it comes to ads) – I still hold out hope for the big one. I know it doesn’t start filming till the end of the month and as we are not quite half way through yet I think I still have this week at least. So I can postpone the probably inevitable disappointment for a few more days at least. Yay.

 I had an audition for a comedy series at the end of the last week in which I had to dress up looking very Shoreditch. For those of you not familiar with Shoreditch it is a part of inner city London,  known for its “too cool for school” fashion and attitude. Personally I am not a fan. But I pulled something together and tried my best to seem like I was “cool” with it. I think that’s what they call acting….

 Anyway I get there and I am faced with another actress who has the same first name as me which seems to have thrown the CD a little as we have both been called at the same time. Just another joy of being an unknown, I am sure this would never happen to Sienna or Kiera. Although saying that I can’t imagine there are many other actresses out there with their names, excuse me if I am wrong. So anyway here I am face to face with the other actress who then proceeds to give me a hug. Ok, slightly overly friendly but perhaps this is just some sort of banter with the whole same name thing. So I hug back and then she says “this is funny isn’t it”…. Urm yeah, I guess?? Not that funny but ok, I’ll go with it. Then she says she feels like she knows me. Now I’m thinking I’m missing something here and then the CD comes out and the actress says “I was just saying how funny it is because we are always at the same auditions! Not only do we have the same name but we appear to have the same look too. We feel like we know each other”… Mmm, that’s not really true, she feels like she knows me but I have absolutely no recollection of her.

 Anyway she goes in first and I start looking over the lines. Then her audition starts and it’s like she is in the room with me. I can hear it clearly word for word. This in my experience is never good. It may seem like you have an advantage that you can see which way they are going and work around that, but it’s definitely a disadvantage. Especially when they are taking a totally different approach to you! It’s like she is reading for a different character but the lines are the same. This is a nightmare, I try to block it out but it’s impossible. Thankfully though I don’t think she’s very good, it’s not right for the character at all and the CD doesn’t seem to be too enthusiastic so I relax a little. Silly me. When I go in and do my read it doesn’t work at all. I didn’t’ get a chance to practice this with anyone and sometimes when you hear something out loud it sounds very different to what you heard in your head. I try to adapt but then it just seems like I am doing a very poor imitation of the girl before me. Disastrous, I leave deflated and also still have no idea what that other actress looks like. Why can’t I remember her face?! Oh well, I’m pretty certain I’ll see her again!

 I had another comedy audition this week for an extremely popular show. I had practiced a lot (this time out loud) and was feeling confident and excited about the meet and then the riots kicked off. The audition was slightly later in the day and in an area which I couldn’t’ be certain was safe so I backed out. I asked if we could rearrange but it looks like it was cancelled and I missed out. The fact that there was no trouble in that area was ridiculously annoying. Like visiting a doctor and being told nothing is wrong, you seem to feel annoyed that you had wasted your time. So I missed out on that and now the only thing I have on is an audition for an advert this afternoon. I never get excited about these as in all my years of work I have only done two…. The odds are not good.

 So like the weather my mood has turned miserable again… I feel no desire to riot you’ll be pleased to know, smashing up the town I live in and stealing from JD sports is not something I would do to cheer myself up, but hey that’s just me. I think it’s time for a pizza, and maybe some chips, I’m a little mental like that.


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Must. Stay. Calm

It’s been a long week to say the least. I am waiting to hear back from the TV audition and it’s killing me! I’m not usually this impatient, you get used to the waiting, you have to, but I just can’t seem to get this gig out of my mind. I even dreamt about it the other night, it’s literally driving me mental. I have also made the error of telling people.

When you are asked constantly by what seems like everyone what you are “working on” at the moment, it always feels crap to say nothing. So I usually say I’m waiting to hear back from several great auditions, so fingers crossed. And that’s enough. But this time I have told them all about this gig. So now I am constantly reminded of my early confidence and excitement which seems to be diminishing by the day.

I had some other news regarding the trailer I did for the new horror flick filming this year. The girl in it with me who was the lead has been replaced by an American actress who is well-known over the waters. This is great in terms of the movie, they are getting the financial backing and it’s obviously going to be a big release, but very disappointing for the other actress. She was great and became a good friend. But she was realistic about it from the beginning; she had the lead role so it was always likely to go to someone who would pull in the audience.

I contacted the producers about my role and at the moment it would appear I am safe. I don’t have a large part, although it is a nice character, so wouldn’t necessarily need to be a big name. I am not completely unknown in America so I am still in with a chance. This would be a big deal for me. The film is going for worldwide release in all cinemas and the script is really good so I am certain it would be a hit. But this is another thing where I mustn’t get carried away and try to forget about it.

With all these “maybe’s” going on it is hard not to get swept up with it all. I can’t help but feel like I am at the turning point, that this year, any moment now, it’s all going to come together. As exciting as it is, it’s also terrifying. What if nothing comes through? If all the auditions I’m waiting to hear back on come to nothing? Do I have the strength to start over again with new hopes? I think so, I have to, but jeeze it seems to be getting harder by the day.

I have a meeting with the agent on Friday to discuss my progress and basically have a catch up which is good and either way by then I will know about the TV job, so we can go from there with what’s next. Fingers crossed it’ll be something well paid, glamorous and hot!

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Know your audience!

Theatre audition was a nightmare!! I went to a friend’s house warming party the night before and I had planned to get the last train home but obviously I missed it so I had to sleep there. Now when I say sleep I mean to lie in the spare bedroom with a pillow over my head trying desperately to block out the thud of the bass of the 90’s classics. My brother also ended up in the bed with me so I was really glad that I’d decided to stay….

After a little over two hours sleep I made my way to the audition, it was a Sunday so I’m sure I wasn’t the only one a little worse for wear arriving. I turn up early and just about manage to keep my eyes open. I do a fairly coherent reading considering, but I am not expecting the call to come through any time soon.

I had debated whether to go at all but I pulled it off and it’s always good to meet new faces. Took me at least a day to get over that night, clearly not as young as I used to be!

Then yesterday I got a recall for the TV job I auditioned for last week!!! SO happy about it. The casting director is a gem, really on my side. When I went for the first audition I hardly had anything to read so he got me to read another character too. I ended up being called back for that part!

I googled the director the night before so I knew a bit of info on him and then on the way to the audition I saw him outside. It was great that I could confidently say hi knowing who he was and introducing myself. I think that went down well. I then had 5 mins to chat with him and one of the producers so I could tell them a little bit about what I’d done etc. And that was all before I’d gone in.

It was because of that they then asked me to prepare for another character as well. Both characters completely contrasted and I nailed both. I also knew that the writers were in the room and were going to have a large part to play in the casting process so it was important to win them over too so to speak. So….. when I was reading the scene I had just been given and therefore not prepared I decided to flatter them a little. It’s a comedy and so during the reading I got the giggles because “it was just so funny”, they loved that. It is funny anyway but I played it up a little and it worked wonders.

There really is no better feeling than leaving an audition and thinking yeah I am ace at this, I totally ruled! Well… I guess getting the job feels pretty good too.


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Drama games!!

Well what a change in the last few days!! Last week, and pretty much the week before that, was ridiculously quiet. It was a hard shift going from performing every night at the theatre to nothing. The auditions weren’t coming in and I was, as most of my friends could tell you, beginning to get a little miffed by it all….. But it looks like it’s finally turning around!! Firstly I had an audition for a commercial and it was quite a fun one, in that it wasn’t too serious so I wasn’t surrounded by depressingly gorgeous women. It went well and I enjoyed it, didn’t get it but it was an audition at least. Then this week… CRAZY. So, I had a great meet with a relatively young and upcoming director about his latest feature and the script was great. He offered me the lead and I so wanted to do it but unfortunately it clashes with another commitment, which is so often the case in this business. But still he really liked me as did the producer so I think that was an excellent contact to make. I have two auditions tomorrow, one for another advert – great money and nothing degrading – and one for a radio play. Haven’t done radio before so that would be great and it’s with the beeb and I do like their stuff so fingers crossed. Then on Friday I’ve got an audition for a new comedy series for one of four leads. The part is right up my street, in fact I have played the character before and I relish in it. So I am feeling uber confident about that and really can’t wait to get to it. The character is also quite a lot younger than I am but thankfully I can pull a young look off. Often when this happens the other actresses I’m up against are a lot younger than I and also less experienced so that’s always quite amusing. It has proved problematic in the past however, I remember one audition when I was supposed to kiss one boy who would be the characters boyfriend and he was 12 years younger than me. It resulted in me kissing him on the cheek and feeling more than a little weirded out by the whole thing. That was the same audition in which it started with a “drama game”…. shudder. I honestly don’t know how kids presenters do it, the workshop audition lasted for an hour and I think I was probably about 10 -15 years older than the rest of the actors. I remember texting a friend during one of the breaks, we’d had quite a heavy one the night before and the whole thing seemed so surreal I had to check I wasn’t still drunk.  Although the process was horrendous (spending a Saturday morning with over excited school children who think you’re one of the casting assistants as oppose to another actress) I did get the part thank god!

Had another, and thankfully the last this year, wedding at the weekend. It was a Jewish wedding and it was great. The Rabbi was like something out of the Soprano’s, with such a strong New York accent. The bride and groom looked wonderful, the groom is actually a writer so his speech was hilarious which was a little unfortunate on the best man, as he so clearly wasn’t…. My day job has also offered to extend my contract for a further 6 months and although I moan about them, they are so flexible and reliable that I am lucky to have it. So my roller coaster is at the top at the moment and I am making the most of what seems to be pretty much good times. Now all I need is for one of these auditions to turn into a job and I’ll be laughing.

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