Actress in london on the right side of thirty, with too many ridiculous stories to be left untold. The ups and the downs of living the biz.

Hi all, TIA here beginning what I hope to be the first of many insightful if not slightly tongue in cheek blogs about what it means to be a young actress in london. First I think its important for you to know a bit about me. My first big break came a few years ago when I was cast in a major HBO series, which was a smash success… slightly more in the US than here but still… anyway the role was awesome but also raunchy, very raunchy!! I was naked, completely naked and romping for a whopping 2 mins on-screen action. Needless to say after all that I was fairly confident that I was on my way, it was a good role, popular show and there was certainly a large sum of fan mail – some slightly less welcome that others, I believe I received some hair in one letter and I don’t think it was from the guys head – but anyway, shortly after that I was cast in a major film with an awesome cast and a great director. This did not require nudity just a bit of kissing (which was nice), and then… well not much….I plan to share with you the ups and downs of my life as a jobbing actress just on the cusp of something major…..


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