Lest We Forget

A Sailor’s Poem
There’s times when I feel awful lonesome
Moments when everything’s blue
And it’s not for the lack of friendship or chums
But a heartache that cries out for you.
When will it finish, that’s what I say
As months – nay years – roll by
Please make it soon is my silent prayer
So this heart may no longer sigh.
You may think me selfish but I speak not as one
But for millions who have suffered much more
At the hands of a fiend who has no regard
For love and honour and law.
We all play our part even you back at home
God knows that you suffer too
So its stout heart we need and a word of good cheer
And I’m sure that we’ll come smiling through.
Often I dream of those wonderful days
And the joys that went with them as well
Who’d have thought that they would be stolen away
That’s something no one could tell.
But it’s made us realise without any doubt
When these times come back – and they must
We’ll grasp with both hands and hold very tight
To freedom to love and to trust
And so little girl I want you to know
Wherever I am on the sea
It’s you that I dream of and worship each hour
Please God send you safe back to me.
Now after writing these few words to you
Somehow I feel kind of brighter
I guess it’s because I’ve wrote down my thoughts
Thats my hearts got much more lighter.
Your Tommy

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