How important is food? Really?

I recorded for the cartoon which was so much fun. When I turned up there was a guy still in there finishing off and as I was listening to him I have to admit it was making me panic a little. He was extremely funny, I mean everyone was cracking up, that is not an act I wanted to follow. It’s good for the cartoon of course; we want it to be funny, just not before I go on!! I wouldn’t say comedy is my forte, I love it and I don’t think I am completely without wit – ahem –  but this guy was pretty much hilarious.

So I am up and go for it and it’s like a sauna in there! I mean I am sweating big time, and it looks like this is through panic and distress but it is genuinely boiling in there. So I take off as many clothes as possible without it looking weird and try my best to cool down. I take a large gulp of water, clear my throat and go for it and well, it’s really bloody funny. It’s at that point that I realise that it’s more about the writing, I mean obviously acting does come into play a little and there were a variety of accents that I needed to pull off but I don’t think I was any less funny than the other guy. Saying that the cartoon is not out till September 2012 so there is plenty of time for things to be cut and voices to be replaced…. I hope this is not the case but we shall see, the cutting room floor is not something I am completely unfamiliar with!

I went to theatre last week with a friend who is part of a theatre company I worked with last year. Going to the theatre always makes me hungry for work, especially if the play is brilliant and there is an actress in it that’s close to my age, and this play ticked both boxes.

After the show we get a wine and chat about it, me gushing about how much I miss it all and that I need to do something creative soon before I explode, and then she offers me three fantastic parts. She wants me to take part in their Rep season. No audition just straight in, with three highly sort after parts for an actress my playing range.

I am delighted, it would be for three months so it would mean giving up my day job AND the money for this is poor. Really poor. There is a small sum and then profit share, and that’s always a gamble. But after a few more glasses of wine and sitting in the theatre bar I have talked myself in to it. So I will be broke for a few months, I don’t need to go out, don’t need to travel that much, don’t need to buy things…. I head home ready to debate it out with the boyfriend. He is the sensible one in the relationship, the one who thinks logically and doesn’t get lost in the fairy tale of it all.

So I have my argument ready, how my soul is being crushed in this corporate world, I need to spread my creative wings. I AM DYING!! There is a bit of a pause before he asks me if I am ok and would I like a glass of water. I say I am fine and sit down. Realising I have been shouting at him for about half an hour in something close to pantomime. But he says he agrees, that I should go for it, that I am wasting my talents behind a desk. So what the pay is not great, he’ll help me out and when it’s over I’ll just get some bar work or cleaning somewhere, whatever, we’ll work it out.

Well this is not what I was expecting but it’s amazing. I am going to do it, throw caution to the wind and really live the actor’s life of struggle and sacrifice! Then I email my agent. She calls me, immediately. “Darling, really? I mean I see your desire to do it, I completely understand they are great roles but let’s think about it carefully” She then highlights all the negatives and unfortunately there are a lot. Not just the money but the time involved, three months is a long time to be out of action. After a thorough but fairly short discussion I am not doing it and I am back in the office…..

It’s depressing. Well not depressing really that’s a little extreme, but I did like the idea of it all. However I do have to be sensible and if I want things to move forward I need to pick my jobs carefully and in the meantime just bloody hang in there!!! I am recording the music video on Monday so that should be fun and I have an audition for a play on Thursday which is a good part, so there are things in the calendar. At least now I can afford to buy things again, and you know, eat. I guess that stuff is kinda important. Sigh


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