I’m fine to wait… really

I am currently sitting in a cute little cafe out of the rain and on my brand new MacBook Air! Very happy, it’s so cute and a well deserved treat. I got this with the money I earned from that really tough job I did on that tropical island. I know, sometimes I hate me too.

Anyway, I have just finished an audition and I have some time to kill (in fact more time than I realised, I could have gone home but when I finally figured out that my 4 o’clock audition was actually 4.40 it was too late to leave.) So I am now on my second cup of tea and because I have been here so long, and have still got at least an hour, I have bought a scone too. It’s really delicious as it turns out, so it’s all worked out rather well!
Since I last wrote I had another advert audition. I had learnt the lines well, it was a farcical ad and from what I could tell quite funny so I was looking forward to it. Turn up and the room is packed, I soon discover the girl next to me is due in 40 mins before me so I settle myself. It’s boiling so I have taken off as much as I can without looking like a stripper! I just get my book out, reading Game of Thrones at the moment, to be honest I know the story, rather well, but it’s just one of those books you can read again and again! SO I’m settled in when my name gets called. I feel the girl next to me is about to protest but I am up on my feet and out of the room before she can say “rum I …”. Leaving most of my clothes and my book behind me – like I say I know the story so it’s really no biggie if I lose my place – that room was hotter than the sun and I was not feeling compassionate. I am in with two others and it soon becomes apparent that one of the guys is a complete moron. He is not listening to one word the CD is saying and it’s really difficult to act with him. Before i know it the audition is over and he has successfully sabotaged the whole thing. As I walk out I realise that they had called the wrong name and it should have been the other girl in there and not me. If only I had been honest and let her go in I would have avoided that catastrophe. You live and learn.
I have just left a much more successful audition for an American comedy series. The CD recognised me from an audition I had about a year ago, it was that audition that I thought I had done terribly (blog one) and I ended up getting. So that was a good start, I relaxed and just nailed it. The girl before me had gone in, in a foul mood because she had been kept waiting, there was no way I was going to go in before her. One, she would have probably knocked me down and two, she really did set me up quite nicely. I went in very relaxed and smiley; in contrast to the sweat and panic that this lady saw me in the last time, although that did get me the part so we shall see….
Now I am waiting for my next audition which is a guest slot in a kids show. Only one ep, so more for the money and break from the office than anything, fingers crossed.
To conclude I am in good spirits today, even though the weather is horrendous!!! I am at a loss as to what to do next however. I have a good 30 mins before I need to leave thankfully as I don’t have a brolly and it’s not just the fear of getting my hair wet! I don’t think my precious MacBook air would dry out quite as easily. Man, it’s never just perfect is it!

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