Take me back to the island!

Well its been well over a month since my last confession… no wait I mean blog… and its been a crazy one.

I am at the moment on a monumental come down from what has been one of the best months of my life. This may seem slightly dramatic, and coming from an actress I am aware of how that sounds, but its true.

I finally got a job which I mentioned in my last post, and it was one hell of a gig! I had an ocean view from my apartment whilst I was working in this fantastic location and each morning I would wake and just sit looking out with a glass of oj and the biggest grin I could manage. I did make the most of it and had several moments of “take this all in, appreciate everything” but it was over so quickly I can’t help but now feel a little sad.

The job itself was fun, although filming in such heat (it was late 30s early 40s out there) was tough and I think I was grateful that my part wasn’t so big. In fact I was out there for two weeks and in total I only worked for 6 days. What is the saying?? An actor moans for months about getting work and as soon as they do the first thing they check is how many days they get off. Well in this case yes! I was on a beautiful island, with some amazing people and pretty much had a ball. Everything about the job was perfect. The scripts were great, the crew were very professional, the cast were lovely and the setting was amazing. I even managed to keep my costume! All the little things eh?

Then I had a weeks holiday afterwards to help with the post filming blues. To top it all off, and this part I love, on the way back I get bumped up a class on the flight as they had over booked, amazing.

So you can imagine after a month like that it is hard to suddenly adjust back to reality. I got home on Sunday with severe jet lag and went to the office on Monday. Lots of people have said it’s like I never left. I’m not sure whether that’s suppose to make me feel better but I have been checking both my phone and email every 30 mins in the hope of a message from my agent….


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