Déjà vu

Well it’s been a long time since my last post and I apologise, it’s not because there has been nothing to report but quite the opposite!! I have finally got a job. Yes I am off the starting blocks and what a relief!! My agent assured me that I didn’t need to worry, that they were happy with how it was going, but the truth was it wasn’t going anywhere so now I can relax… a little.

The part is not huge but a nice role and filming in a beautiful location. It was cast by some very influential casting directors and will be a big production so lots of boxes are ticked.

I have also got myself another HBO audition. It is for the same show as I have been going in for since last year so it is very positive. The team will know me well by now so the fact they are still getting me in is an extremely positive sign. It also seems that each time I get called back the part gets better and better.

I originally auditioned for a very small role, and now I am up for a biggie! And she is evil too……. well maybe not evil but certainly not a character you would want to mess with. That is always fun, I do loving playing a powerful woman! I have practiced since I got the script a couple of days ago and know the part well. My brother has read all the books it is based on and so I always call him for the low down. His response for this one was that she was one scary motha…!

Yum, can not wait. It’s nice when you actually look forward to an audition. It’s going to be a fun afternoon. I know the casting director so well now it’s almost like seeing a friend and the sides I have to read are so bloody brilliant I am going to really enjoy delivering it.

So here we are similar position to last time. I have a job which I should be so excited about and solely focused on but all I have been doing for the last few days is eating, drinking and sleeping HBO. Dear lord I hope I’m not writing this again next year!!



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9 responses to “Déjà vu

  1. wow ur site gave me power !!! thanks

  2. Thomas Gießl

    Well, well, if that’s the role we suspect it is, and if it is the series we suspect it is, and if you are the actress we suppose we are, then I’m actually quite thrilled to see you in that role. I could actually have seen you in another role in that series (as we are not speaking openly here, let’s just say it would have been the a handsome boy’s younger sister).

    As to the motivation of this speculative role of yours, we don’t actually know yet what she’s up to, but she’s really creepy in her conviction, her black-and-white world view and the means she is willing to use to accomplish whatever she wants to accomplish (which is no more clear than her motivation). But the most likeliest take on her would that of a deeply convicted person, who believes she’s doing the right thing, although it’s most likely that she’s hooked up with the wrong person to do the right thing. But we already know that we are going to be in her head in the the next volume of the book series, so things might become clearer about the time you might or might start shooting.
    And in my opinion she’s not actually a confirmed antagonist/villain.

    I really think this could be a great role role to play. She’s a religious woman and a sorceress and a really scary femme fatal.

    So fingers crossed, I’m pretty sure you could do that. That is, if I you are who I think you are ;-).

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  5. Manny

    Hoping you get the part, if it is what I think it is you’d be great for it. Good luck!

  6. FaBihoff

    Various fanboys at winter-is-coming.net have been pulling hard for you for over a year, though oddly not for the role you seem to be up for now…

    …which is, I suppose, an even better role! If it’s the role I suspect it is, this is a character who is very much still in the mix, story-wise, even as we speak (and with a fifth book due out in July). She’s a “type A” personality, and one I honestly hadn’t even considered you for, but once I kicked the idea around in my head I thought it was inspired. (I always thought of the character to be in her mid-thirties, but perhaps the producers are thinking younger.)

    That is if this is the role I’m thinking it might be. I don’t think you’ve ever played anyone so driven by fervent (possibly fanatical) belief. I would not qualify her as evil so much as “supremely confident in her views and unfettered by primitive superstitions (i.e. other religions) or distracting moralities.”

    She believes she is going to help save the world. The divine nature of her mission is, in her view, almost a holy war. Like Joan of Arc without a sword (so she uses others as swords), though much more shrouded in mystery. You can’t get much more driven than that.

    Break a leg. Break two legs! This would be quite the epic role. Though it would utterly blow your “secret identity” out of the water; you would be playing a primary antagonist in a well-known and successful HBO series. It’s not exactly “struggling” any more.

    Should you land it, I would suggest a public unveiling—perhaps through an exclusive interview at Winter Is Coming. ;-D

    • If my identity is ever revealed because of an HBO show, I promise whichever show that may be I will have my “coming out” interview on the affiliating fan site. But that may not be your site…. HBO always have lots of projects on the go… watch this space I guess 😉

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