If after the 100th time you don’t succeed…..

“Acting is everybody’s favourite 2nd job” Jack Nicholson said that. I wonder where he was in his career when he made that comment. Working at a bar? Temping? …. I wish I could say something as light right now.

At the moment I am in a little bit of a hole. I actually googled “how to stop yourself from quitting acting”. A few sites came up but not many. I think the general consensus is quit. At least that’s what most actors would say. Cut down the competition. I can’t say I get too upset when I hear that someone I know has decided to call it a day. Selfish? Probably, but there are too many of us out there, something like 10,000 students graduate from drama schools every year, how is that fair?!

I guess to be successful you must have a strong desire not to quit! I don’t really quit things, although I did give up on piano quite quickly, but most kids do that, I don’t think that really counts. It takes more courage to see something through to the end than to start something new, and what would I start anyway? Teaching has always been an option, but to be honest I think I’d be one of those teachers that secretly resents all those with promise and does their best to sabotage. I remember when I left uni one tutor (who I subsequently found out had attempted an acting career) told me that I wouldn’t get anywhere without drama school so I should really just forget it. I think I’d turn out like her, and that’s not fun.

So unless it wasn’t obvious already I heard yet another no. The TV job that I felt I was so right for and the audition which I totally nailed was not meant to be. They went in another direction…. I am trying to focus on the positives. It was a good meet….. I had an audition…. perhaps there is something even bigger round the corner that would have clashed with it…. Yeah, it’s not easy staying positive. I actually found out the no whilst I was at my office job and it was a real struggle not to cry. That would have been embarrassing.

I went home and had a pizza, and even that didn’t help. Wowsers you know it’s bad when food doesn’t help.

So I have to pick myself up again and move onto the next. Mum actually compared it to football. When a team loses a match they have to forget about it and focus on the next. I guess that would make me Wigan…. shudder.


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