You want to hear that one?

The auditions are over and I can finally relax. It’s always such a nice feeling when they’re done. Each time feels like an exam, you can’t relax because you think you should be revising/practicing and you’re so nervous that you worry you’ll forget everything on the day anyway.

I get to the venue twenty minutes early and the email was quite adamant that you arrive no more than ten minutes before, so I take a walk around the block. This turns into a nightmare as I decide to go over my speeches again and of course I forget both. I suddenly stop dead in my tracks and repeat shit shit shit. Only then do I become aware of the young mum behind me and the little girl with her asking what’s wrong with the strange lady…. Not a brilliant start.

As I walk in there are about thirty girls all waiting, I learn that we were all told the same time and the auditions would be taking place over two hours. We would be called up in groups of five and all get two minutes each. WHAT?!?!?!? I mean call me old-fashioned but that seems ridiculous. Why on earth would you call everyone at once? At least call people in fifteen minute blocks. There will be some who won’t be seen for two hours. This is not on I think and someone should say something. It’s hardly fair on anyone to just…. and then the first lot of names are called, that would be me…. Ah well, couple of hours isn’t too bad, sure they’ll be fine, can always practice a bit more.

So we go up and the girls around me are far too chatty and excited. I really have no time for this so pop into the disabled loo and go over them again. I am fine with the contemporary piece it is the Shakespeare one that is concerning me. It’s not that I am particularly bad at Shakespeare I just never seem to play it quite right. I blame Baz Luhrmann for this and his Romeo and Juliet. Performing Shakespeare in a naturalistic way yes may sound right to the modern audience and certainly feel right but most would say it is not. So I am trying to break away from the naturalistic and perform Will how it was originally intended.

I was doing this in front of my bedroom mirror the previous night and I could see my boyfriends uncertain expression behind me. I immediately stopped and turned and said “before you say anything, I am performing this tomorrow. Anything you say that is a criticism or “constructive” advice is too late. I can’t change it now, it will just throw me and that is not what I need. So do you have anything to say?” He very quickly said no and went back to reading his book….

There is no more I can do as my name is called and I walk in. They ask me which speeches I have chosen, I tell them and then they say “ok great well lets just hear the contemporary one”…. Of course, how did I not know this was going to happen? If you are seeing nearly three hundred people (oh yes, found that out last week, three hundred going in, only five female places) the chances are a Shakespeare piece would come up more than once. You would inevitably get bored with hearing it. The audition went well I just wish I had spent more time on the contemporary speech, but that’s the way it goes sometimes I guess.

I also had a TV audition on Saturday, that was super, speech learnt, straight to camera, done.


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  1. Wow this thing is unique!

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