I know you are but what am I?

Agent has got back to me on the photos and she agrees they’re not great; she likes them but doesn’t love them. So I have to arrange for a re shoot. Now it is crucial for me to choose the right photographer, as I can afford one mistake I certainly can’t afford two! What a bummer and annoying that I’m back to square one. Still I will be better prepared this time; my dad was right I definitely need to get my hair done and perhaps even my make up rather than a DIY job. It’s not that I am incapable of making myself look nice, rather that these are important shots so I need to look better than nice. So there we have it, I tried a cheap option and I guess I got what I paid for, so now it’s going to end up being an expensive lesson. Sigh.

Had an audition today for the commercial team. Glad that I have got off the starting blocks with them, was worried that I may have slipped their mind. Not that this was a particularly thrilling day, in fact it was quite embarrassing really, but given my recent events I could really do with the cash. It’s for a drinks campaign and although the majority of it will be photos there is still a certain amount of filming. I had to stand with my face through a hole in the wall and pull over the top faces for the given scenarios. The premise is that a young couple are walking along the sea front and they see one of those walls which has a picture painted with holes cut out to put your face through. So I had to pull a happy face, a sad face, an angry face and so on….Felt like a really poor drama game. The guy filming I know fairly well now as I have been in for this particular casting director a lot and that seems to make it harder. To start with you can’t wait until you get to know everyone, for the day that CD’s and their assistants know your name without checking the paper but then there are times like these when you really wished they didn’t. I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed about it. I just went into a room and in front of someone who I have seen many times over the years and will (hopefully) continue to see, pulled some ridiculous, exaggerated faces and then left. I was so relieved when it was over, I’m not sure whether I really want this gig or not but I couldn’t possibly tell one way or the other how well I did. All I can say for sure is that I felt like a right twit. But the consolation is there were lots and lots of girls waiting to go in, so I won’t be the only idiot that they see today.

Whilst it’s been “quiet” I have been managing other things. Keeping a check on the website, IMDB and other sites that I am a member of. It’s important to always keep active one way or another. I have still got the short films to focus on and I have just been given another script to read so things are ticking over…. a little.



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2 responses to “I know you are but what am I?

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  2. The whole audition process can be really hard on everyone because sometimes you don’t truly know “what” you’re looking for, and you hope that someone comes in and surprises you by showing you what you didn’t know you wanted! 🙂

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