Nothing is ever certain

Wow, I have had a severe case of writers block and I figured that instead of rambling on about nothing I would wait until I had something interesting to say. But, I have had no inspiration so…. I guess you’ll just have to settle for some rambling! My headshots are being taken on Friday which is all very exciting, I haven’t had them done in 6 years and you are supposed to get them done every 18 months so should be interesting to see the change. I decided to stick to my guns and go for the photographer I chose as oppose to my agent’s suggestions and I’m feeling good about it. She did know of the photographer and she too liked him so it all worked out. Well, hopefully it will I guess I’ll know after Friday. It’s been fairly quiet other than that. Had no auditions since the first three and was getting a little edgy. But I have one today and it’s a biggie! It’s for an American company who produce loads of great stuff, predominantly sitcoms and I pretty much love all their shows so would be AMAZING. It’s filming in LA and I could certainly use some nice weather! It’s for a lead in a new series and the script is really good. It’ll be going on tape and then sent over. I am relieved I did that teaser trailer a few months back as it really gave me confidence in my American accent. I actually recorded my sides on a tape recorder and listened back, which is a good tip as not only can you listen to your accent but it also gives you the opportunity to really focus on how you say certain things. There were a few times when what I heard out loud was not actually what I thought I was saying as far as the inflection on certain words was concerned. Anyway I have been listening and practicing for the past three days so feel ready to nail it. I hope!

I heard some sad news the other day about my last agent; she has shut her books and is no longer going. It really was a great agency and she was extremely talented so it was really upsetting to hear. I had no idea she was in trouble and felt awful when I heard about it. But that is the nature of the biz, it seems nothing is ever certain, it kind of freaks me a bit to think what might have happened if I hadn’t decided to make the change. But it also goes to show that you can never complete rest on your laurels and think your agent will do it all for you. I have taken on two short films which I got myself through other contacts and although the money is not good the scripts are great, I’ll be working with some very talented people and also, perhaps more importantly, it keeps me practicing. I also had a great meet a week or so back with a friend of a friend who has been writing several different scripts. She has some plays which she has been writing for the past 7 years and also a TV series which is still in production. Apparently she has been trying to contact me for some time now and it’s pure luck that we met up through a mutual friend. So there are lots of things happening, just all in the background at the moment really. I am desperate for things to take off but I need to be patient and although it can be scary times I have to trust in myself and where I am supposed to be headed. I have after all had a slightly unconventional journey thus far, one which many people said wouldn’t get me anywhere, but as the gorgeous Marilyn once said “If I’d observed all the rules I’d never have got anywhere”


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