And pose

Met my commercial and voice over agents yesterday. There are three of them! All still very exciting as you can see. They were lovely and very keen to get things moving. They asked me about previous commercial and VO work and I soon discovered that money wise I could be doing better. But that’s what they’re there for and hopefully soon I’ll get some good auditions. They asked me if there was anything I didn’t want to do and I recalled the time I had to sing about oven chips…. They replied “oh we don’t do those ones darling”. Fabulous. Why is it that all agents and CD’s seem to follow the stereotype, there are so many ‘darlings’ and ‘lovies’, no wonder we get a hard time! Anyway I told them what adverts I had done and also the monies I had received. They then asked me about my head shots. They are a little old now and although they like them there doesn’t appear to be one of me smiling. I quickly told them the reason behind this, the photographer at the time told me “you might want to keep your mouth shut darling, your teeth aren’t your selling point”…. Yeah, he was a treat, loved handing the 500 pounds over to him. To be fair he was on to something. The fact that I had paid off my student loan and then got my teeth done made them laugh. They said “Right, what’s next? Shall we go for a car? Holiday? Bit of lipo?” I laughed a bit nervously at the last suggestion and at once sucked my belly in…My other agent was in as well so I popped my head round to say hello, she also mentioned the head shots. I shouldn’t complain really, they have lasted me five years and strictly speaking you should change then every 18 months so they’ve done me well.

It’s difficult choosing a good photographer, as the photo’s are the first thing a CD, director will look at, they have to be strong. I have seen some shocking pictures, and my smiley ones definitely fell into the horrific category! I love that Ricky Gervais has a picture of him peering round a wall and laughing, there really is no need for him to have the generic picture is there. There are some hilarious ones, I was having a little look through on my agent’s website with my brother and his girlfriend and the variety is fairly impressive. One girl appears to be facing a fan and another has that swished, just turned to camera look. I don’t think I want to go down either of those paths but that’s why the photographer is important. They direct you to a certain degree so you have to trust their judgement. Anyway that’s what I have to look forward to next month, and after spending all that money on my nashers, which by the way will be officially all mine as of Feb when my last instalment is through, there will be some smiley ones in there whether the photographer directs that or not!


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  1. About Yea High

    I can imagine doing V.O. work doesn’t exactly have the same immediate gratification that the stage would have. Sort of like sitting in a box and talking to yourself, yeah?

    QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Speaking of agents. What is the craziest blunder you’ve ever heard an agent doing—something that cost him or her their job and (probably) their self-esteem? Doesn’t have to have been working for you, just something outlandish you may have heard.

    Thanks! Keep doing what you do! We’re still huge U.S. fans!

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