Time to deliver?

So it has been a wonderful start. I have had three auditions already, one for a period drama, one for a comedy sitcom and one for a theatre tour. All jobs I would love and all for lead roles. It’s amazing what a difference there is. Before, January had always been a quiet month for me; whilst the industry kicks into the New Year etc etc, but suddenly I am off! I have a meeting next week with the commercial department, I now have a separate agent for commercials and voice over’s. It’s still all very exciting and I am loving the standard of auditions but at the same time the panic has also set in. How long do I have before I need to get a job? What if I don’t get one quick enough and I get dropped? It’s so frustrating how you can never seem to completely relax and enjoy the moment. Now I have this amazing agent, I have only technically been with her for two weeks and I am already feeling the pressure of getting a job. Bearing in mind that the auditions were only last week so there probably hasn’t even been a decision yet! I need to breathe, stay calm and relax, or else I need a large glass of wine and some serious therapy. Wow, I am so headed for rehab… how exciting! 😉


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