Merry Christmas!

Well the years nearly over and time to reflect. It’s been quite a good one for me, considering the times we’re working in at the moment. I’ve had some good jobs cash wise… one in particular paying for my new set of nashers. I’ve had good jobs experience and challenge wise and I’ve made some good friends and contacts. I have also changed agents. Yes, my amazing, lovely and supportive agent, who became one of my dear friends, is now no longer representing me. It was a difficult decision and a very hard one but I felt it was time to move on. I was with her for three years and they were three great years, I gained some invaluable experience and had some good times! I will miss her, she was very patient with me, I tend to be a little persistent and also worry about what’s going to happen next! I think on average I probably emailed three or four times a week, I also had her mobile number and totally abused that privilege. But if you want to get somewhere you have to push it sometimes. I am often told not to “bother” people or make a nuisance of yourself and I would like to say to any new actors out there that that’s rubbish! I didn’t go to drama school so I had to work hard to get people to take notice of me. I knocked on doors and if they didn’t answer I just knocked louder. I wrote letters and followed those up with phone calls and then emails until someone answered. And now I am with an amazing agent, one I never thought I’d get to be honest. I didn’t go to drama school, like I said, I don’t have connections so to speak in the industry (my mum and dad have “normal jobs”) and there was no easy way in for me. A very talented actress friend of mine once told me there are two types of actors in the business, jumpers and builders. They both end up in the same place they just get there in different ways. Well I am a builder and it’s been bloody hard but I wouldn’t swap it for the world. I know what its like to be desperate for work, depressed at not getting anywhere, worried that “its” never going to happen, and now I am so grateful to be where I am. I actually wrote to the agent I am now with a few years a go and I got a very nice rejection letter. I kept hold of that letter and it is currently stuck to my fridge. If at first you don’t succeed then just keep bugging!


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