Why fame is important.

Well it’s not been the best of starts to the week. I had to get on the tube this morning during rush hour, which isn’t nice at the best of times, but today this actually led to injury. There were major delays and not many trains running due to “adverse weather conditions”. How this affects the tubes I don’t know. They are underground for one and it’s like a sauna down there so I can’t believe it’s to do with the cold but who knows! Anyway as I get on I can see it’s rammed so make the error of walking down the escalator. I should have stood to the right and waited. As I am walking down I get knocked from an impatient rush of people and ended up sliding down the stairs. The metal segregated edge stairs and scrape my knee. I am wearing tights and I can feel the material sticking into the cut. I won’t go into details but it has resulted in me having a burns plaster put on to allow the wound to heal without it being exposed. This reminded me of a frustrating incident last week. I had a commercial casting and the women behind the desk had spelt me surname wrong, no biggie I just told her and she wrote it out again. I see the new sign and again my name is wrong. So I go back and tell her it’s still wrong and spell out the name. She writes it out again and STILL gets it wrong, so I say again, with as much patience as possible and when she writes it for the third time and again gets it wrong my patience flies out the window. I’m beginning to wonder whether she is now doing it on purpose so I take the pen from her and write it myself.

As I felt that day and this morning I couldn’t help but think, soon I pray to the lord that people do know who I am, not for credibility but for the sake of my sanity. If I was recognised I would probably have to avoid the tube, or not have the need to use it and this bloody woman certainly wouldn’t get my name wrong. A diva moment you may think but at this point I don’t care. DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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