First impressions? Not that important

An interesting week last week. I had two auditions lined up both for adverts, nice money and always welcome especially around crimbo. The first was for a newspaper. One paper that is not my preferred choice and let’s say quite patriotic. So much so that in the form I fill out when I arrive, (always fill out, name, d.o.b, availability etc) it asked me four times my nationality…. It involved me sitting on a sofa, gazing into space and then picking up the paper and smiling. Really took all my acting skills to envisage myself smiling and reading it! Anyway as I turn up my heart sinks a little. I see the name of the casting director. I met him about a year ago on a general meet. Generals often take place when perhaps it’s a bit quiet and both casting directors and actors have the luxury of catching up and taking time to meet people they haven’t met before. I had researched this guy and was looking forward to meeting him, he is quite a hottie. Anyway I turn up and immediately I pick up the vibe that he does not like me. The meeting is uncomfortable and awkward. I try to be witty and relaxed but it comes across as a little try hard and I leave. I then happen to bump into him later that day, smile and there is nothing. Horrendous. Anyway that was a year ago and I hadn’t seen him since so I walk in with a feeling of dread and pointlessness of this whole exercise. When I enter he gives me a big hug a kiss on the cheek and says it’s been too long! He asks me how I’ve been, it’s great to see me and then goes on to tell the guy in the room with him what an amazing actress I am. We have a bit of banter, and he then says that this advert is really not good enough for me but the team working on it are great so he thinks it would be a very positive meet for me and them. He then tells me about a new drama he is casting that he really wants me in for, there is a part in it that’s perfect for me. He tells me the name of the programme, the character and tells me to get my agent to ring in and tell his assistant. He says he will get me in before Christmas. I leave completely disorientated. Did that really happen?? My brain then goes into over drive. Was he actually being really sarcastic? Then at the end of the day I get an email from my agent saying he has called me in for another audition for another advert the next day.

So I turn up and there is a long queue of girls waiting all depressingly gorgeous and dolled up to the nines. He walks past and all the girls swoon, I am sitting in the corner reading Papillion, head down and he stops gives me another hug and goes…. There are several scathing looks from the other girls, “why is the plain girl getting the attention?!?” I want to tell them that I am just as shocked as they are. There is a girl further down with a pram, and what I assume is her daughter, no more than 18 months with her. Her name is called and I can see her dilemma so I offer to watch the baby. She is extremely grateful and I hear a tut from the others. Urm, why?!?! Then he appears again, smiles and I now understand. Suck arse is the general vibe. I get over this fairly quickly. But because of my act of kindness I now fall to the back of the queue, I’m in no rush so let the bitches, sorry girls, go first. By the time I go in he has left so it’s just his assistants. The audition goes well but I can see its one of those ones for actress/models so I don’t rate my chances. You had to cry into camera. This is so hard to do, to just turn on the water works with no build up, it’s not one of my fortes so I try my best and get the classic single tear. He turns up as I’m about to leave, reminds me about the new drama and I go. Amazing, so although I didn’t get any of the gigs so to speak, it was great to meet him again. I’m still not 100% convinced he remembered our last meet, but I am in no hurry to remind him!

Had another audition yesterday, again for an advert and I was supposed to be going in with a guy who is also from my agency. I turn up and he is sitting there, I go to smile but he stares back blankly, bit embarrassing. Anyway he gets called and I stand up ready to go but then they call a different girl. She is much older than me and doesn’t look too convincing with him, and then I get called with a guy far too old for me. Blatant mix up but there we go, another one I won’t be holding out for. So that’s the latest, lots of advert auditions with much-needed Xmas money but as yet no luck. Law of averages though, surely one of them will be a yes soon. Santa has to be on my side as well, I have been a very good girl this year….well most of the time.


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