Mmm, where to spit? Where to spit?

Hey peeps, how are things? As cold with you as it is here? I am happy to say our boiler is working again and I had possibly the hottest bath in the world last night. God I love a good bath. Anyway… another quiet week for me, hence the lack of posts. I only had one audition on Friday for a fast food advert and I didn’t go. I am not a fan of fast food (except dominos, I friggin love dominos) so the thought of being the face of it is no appeal. It was for the one I hate the most out of all of them too so there was even less incentive to go. The money wasn’t great and after careful consideration I passed. I was also slightly hung-over… well extremely hung-over actually. I met up with some old Uni friends who have all been successful in their own right. One was my casting director friend who I mentioned in “Oh So I Should Know You” And the other is a writer. He is actually bigger in the states now than he is here and we’re all very proud of him. So we do enjoy meeting up every now and again and giving ourselves a little pat on the back. That sounds far more pretentious than it actually was, I am aware it is slightly self-indulgent but when weeks are slow, you need that little pick me up. We went to Soho house, which I love, forgot the time and ended up spending far too much money, especially for someone who had just turned down an advert, and drinking excessive amounts of wine. The following day was a wash out, I didn’t start feeling normal again till about 2. I was slack with the gym as well so I have a lot to do this week! I saw a programme last night and there was a guy on it who was talking about an old high school coach he had. He was rowing very early in the morning with class mates and his coach screamed out “ I don’t know if you are doing better or worse but you sure as hell aren’t staying the same”. Interesting. So I thought today, am I going to be better or worse? Well I am updating this blog which I didn’t do, so already I’m doing better.

I have been asked a question – thank you….. It always helps to be given some ideas when I have sod all to report back on. What is the worst and/or funniest experience you ever had with an extra on set? Well, there are a few actually. One moment and this has always stayed with me was a job about three years ago. I hadn’t been working in television long so was still getting used to it all and taking everything in around me. We had just finished shooting a scene and had run over into lunch, 40 mins to be precise. When we came round the corner to the food truck I noticed a long line of people just standing to the side. So I got in behind them and waited. I was quickly collected and taken to the front. So I asked what all those others were waiting for, assuming they had already eaten, and was told they were extras and didn’t eat until the main cast and crew had had theirs first………… Now, in my experience extras tend to spend more time standing and waiting around than anyone else. They don’t usually sit off some where in between takes and are certainly not offered drinks and a chair. I get that this is the norm, there are so many it wouldn’t be possible and they also don’t have as much to think about it and are, to be blunt, easily replaceable. But still, this seemed a little brutal and the walk past them all seemed to take forever as I could feel all their eyes boring in to me. NEVER BE AN EXTRA!! Unless you already are and enjoy it then fair enough. Another amusing experience was actually on the HBO gig, it was my first experience of “stand-ins”. A young lady walked past me with a sign around her neck with the name of my character. I then watched as she stood in my place whilst the lights and camera was set around her. I liked this very much, made me feel extremely important. It’s funny how you grow accustom to these things though and you do begin to understand why there is so much diva behaviour. I am not saying that I think its ok. I remember one horrific statement from a fellow actor once. I had to eat something during a take which was particular vulgar and shoot it several times. In-between the first take when the director said cut, I looked around for some tissue to spit it out into. Within seconds at least four pairs of hands came out of nowhere for me to spit in to. This was not going to happen, so I spat it in to my own hands and then took a tissue. At this point the other actor in the scene with me lent over and said, “You don’t need to spit into your own hand that’s what they’re here for”. Needless to say at that point I was very tempted to spit somewhere else! There was also a time when I was shooting a period piece and there were well over 100 extras in front of me all in the appropriate attire. Then when the director shouted cut, at least half of them all got out their mobiles and started filming or taking pictures, it was quite surreal and very amusing. I don’t think it went down particularly well with the director but still worth seeing.

Well they’re the main stories that spring to mind, I certainly do appreciate what extras do and definitely couldn’t do it myself. I guess everyone has a crucial role and in my experience extra’s do theirs very well. That’s all for now, better get back to the dreaded office work. Fingers crossed this week will pick up and I’ll have something exciting to report back on!


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