A bit of murder at the weekend is always a treat

I am beyond tired; sitting at the computer screen with loads to do but my brain just won’t commute. Well this is obviously to do with the weekend filming I had, which was amazing. It was more than I expected, the crew were brilliant, the atmosphere great and the script genius. It’s for a horror, which is my favourite genre, and it’s scary!! The make up for the bad guy was immense. I wish I could expand more but it’s too much of a risk, myself and everyone involved is bound to a strict confidentiality agreement. Anyway it’s just the teaser trailer and there is no guarantee that I would make the actual feature but god I hope so. It was two long days, and although the director was originally hoping for 90 secs he thinks he has a good 7 minutes worth. He explained to myself and the other actress that he wasn’t holding out much hope as to the calibre of people (both crew and actors attached) and therefore did not think he would get any more usable footage than that. This was due to the lack of budget and the work involved, but the team was great. Extremely professional with fantastic experience and so the results were fantastic. There will be a screening in three weeks as they need to have this ready before Christmas to they can take it out to LA for pilot season. I know it’s going to do well, the script is spot on and the footage I did manage to see was gripping. It was great for me to practice the American accent (crucial to have) and also to get back in front of the camera again. My character comes to a very grim end and that was so much fun to shoot.

 Back to work today and trying to get focused again. I had a great audition at the end of the week for a Sky ad set to come out next year which will be a pretty big campaign and although it went well I would have heard by now. Always difficult then seeing those on TV as you immediately wonder whether you could have done it better. But all in all spirits are higher than last week and although there is nothing in the pipe line as such, auditions are picking up and I’m feeling optimistic.



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4 responses to “A bit of murder at the weekend is always a treat

  1. I am bookmarking this asap! Thank you very much 😉

  2. one can argue that it can go both ways

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