Always work with animals

So the week has kind of come down a bit in terms of happiness. One of the big negatives about this profession is the mood swings. According to my boyfriend who is, unfortunately for him, witness to it 24/7, it’s bad enough that I’m female but add to that the fact that I’m an actress, and it can be a challenge! He is no Neanderthal and he is in the biz himself so he is more than equipped to deal with it. We actually met on set, quite a sweet story really. He was directing a film and was looking at a few actresses from the HBO show I was in that he was interested in working with. He tried to contact several agents but had no luck and pretty much gave up. He then received an application from me as I had seen his casting on an acting site and was interested. Unbeknown to me at the time when I turned up to audition I had pretty much got the part already as he was a fan of the show. He hid it very well, there was no lack of professionalism and I had no inkling as to whether I landed the role. I remember entering the room and thinking he was pretty gorgeous, in fact exactly my kind of guy. My agent called to ask how the audition went and I said I had no idea but I though the director was hot so I was hopeful. She promptly told me to be professional and forget that straight away. Well I got the part and flirting on set was kept to a minimum – there was of course some. After the shoot he contacted me to see if I wanted to “discuss how the film went”… the rest is history. We are a walking cliché I know but it works.

Anyway, I went to a screening last night for a show I filmed at the start of the year which is out soon. When I did it then it left me quite depressed as I was basically a glorified extra (I mentioned it in Is Hawaii Enough?). The screening made me feel even worse. There were several roles which I could have played and watching all these other actresses doing it was hard. Can’t help but be jealous and miffed at the fact that you’re not them. I’m glad I went, showed my face which is always important, but it was difficult to stay bubbly. The actress that had got the role I initially auditioned for was there and full of beans, I did want to lock her in the toilets but that would have just been childish and quite frankly weird. I left a little flat and so the downward spiral began. My agent called this morning to say I had received yet ANOTHER no from HBO. The character I went up for is being re written and no longer suits me. But the director is apparently keen on having me involved and is definitely familiar with me now so he assures us he will get me in again. I think this is a show which will have many characters so I’m still keeping the faith…. just. At least I have some filming to do at the weekend so I know that my mood will be up by the end of the week, just got to ride out the storm. Oh why couldn’t I have just been a vet.



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