You stink, now give me the part

Busy week last week, had an audition on Wednesday for a teaser trailer. These are quite common now, basically when someone is trying to get funding for a feature they shoot a trailer as way of advertising what the film will be like. The production team attached to this is particularly good which always surprises me when it comes to jobs that are struggling with finance, but that is the way of the industry at the mo. Anyway it was an early start, audition was at 9 central so I was up and out by 8 and it was friggin freezing. It didn’t help that I was dressed to suit the role I was going for…. a party girl. I had a leopard print mini dress, 60s style, with black tights, killer heels and sultry eyes. It doesn’t sound great I know but I rocked it, actually one of my favourite outfits. Great on a Saturday night but on the Wednesday morning commute not so fun – although I did get a seat offered pretty much throughout the journey so it wasn’t all bad. It was for an American accent again and I feel uber confident with that now. When I get there the casting director had just arrived so we have time to chat and joke about the freezing weather. I am sure to make it clear to her that I have come dressed for the part and not in my everyday attire. Shortly after that the director arrives so I wait in the other room and let them set up. At which point the other girl I’m auditioning with arrives. She has learnt all the lines. Bugger, I never do this unless it’s for a big gig and I always regret it! It really shouldn’t matter the size of the job you should put in the same amount of time and effort but it never works out that way. Anyway we have time to run it through a bit and as there’s not loads I am at least familiar with it. Good to practice the accent as well, always different when you’re with someone else. So we go in and as we enter I have an overwhelming smell of feet. Now we are auditioning in a rehearsal room, predominantly used for dancers so it’s not odd to smell as such, so I just come out with it and say “wow, it really stinks of feet in here” As soon as I say it I regret it, its only the CD and director in there so it sounds like I am basically telling them they stink. Anyway they both look baffled and say they can’t smell anything and everyone moves swiftly on. Cringe. So I do the audition fighting the horrible feeling of defeat, I’ve blown it before I’ve even started. Then on Friday I go for another theatre tour audition, and I am running late. The fact that it’s chucking it down doesn’t help either but I manage to contact my agent who in turn contacts the director so I can relax a little. I get there only about 10 mins late and I’m given the script to read, the passage I will be reading anyway. So I just settle down to read it and I’m called in, so no time whatsoever! Will be a blind read which is never fun. As I walk into the room one of my oldest friends (who I had my first ever acting gig with) is on the panel so to speak. So it was a lovely audition I was able to take my time, we had a chat, the director asked about my previous experience blah blah blah. I knew whatever happened my friend would no doubt big me up to high heaven so it all turned out rather enjoyable.

I received an email from my agent this morning informing me I’m in for the teaser trailer. I am sure this is advice I have given before, but – turn up late, insult the director and don’t learn your lines, works for me a treat.


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  1. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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