If it ain’t yours, don’t drink it!

Well the theatre tour was a no; they went for a girl who was actually from the country and region of where the play was set, so as good as my accent may have been I guess you can’t really compete with that. Saying that I do remember one comment which got back to me whilst I was on the HBO show all those years ago, they said my English accent was pretty poor and I needed to work on it as my American accent would occasionally come through… weird. I really need to stop buying the DVD/book of the part I’m auditioning for too or I’m going to run out of money sharpish, it also makes the rejection ever so slightly harder to take. So never mind, I don’t think my friend got in either, not that that’s a good thing, just saying. I suppose at least it means I don’t have to travel the country for 5 months and stay in an array of different accommodations. I remember a long tour I did several years ago and the variation in standard of some of these places was astonishing. One minute it was modern, fresh and luscious and the next it felt like you were staying in a shack. So there really are no guarantees. And I do like my creature comforts so there is always a certain amount of fear when the word tour arises. Apart from that, no news, I’m still hopeful on that “big” audition. I think it could well be another week before I know anything, and as I have a good relationship with the CD I will be told either way, so this is one of those exceptions when no news really is good news.

Had quite a hectic weekend, was a friends 30th on the Friday and he lives by the sea so I went on a little journey to get there. Fine on the way there when I was excited about catching up with old friends and getting my groove on, not so great on the way back when I wanted to die. Note to self, if the white wine you’ve bought and therefore know, runs out, don’t just drink the other white in the fridge. That was not a great bottle. So Saturday was a wipe out, but I had lots of yummy roast trimmings and crumble last night care of my brother, so ready for another week. Let’s hope this week is a week of yes’!!


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