Oh, so I should know you….

Well the inevitable happened, I received a no. It was on one audition that I had that I was fairly confident about. Not the main one but still a job I was keen on. The production team behind it were great so would have been a big opportunity. I decided I would tell the guy I snapped at last week, as a kind of peace-offering. I told him as soon as I heard anything, good or bad, I’d let him know and so I did. Five mins later he offered me a tea so … every cloud. Should hear on the other one this week but keeping silent about it, I’m hoping people may have forgotten. I have another one today and I haven’t told ANYONE so I am getting better. The weekend was eventful. I had a friend over to stay, he had an audition and as he doesn’t live in London I’m the best hotel around. We’re very reasonable and often throw in breakfast for free. Not sure how many more times this can happen however, before the very patient boyf starts to feel like it really is a hotel. I’m hoping soon, one day, he’ll come over when he doesn’t have an audition so I’ll have more weight to my argument! To be fair though he did bring cake, it just so happened that my boyfs piece ended up in my mouth too….

I met up with a close friend on Friday night who I haven’t seen for ages which was lovely. In fact I think the last time we spent any time together we were in New York. She is a casting assistant at a very prestigious theatre in London and one of her shows had transferred there so she went over to see how it was doing and took me along. It was great. We went back stage after for her to catch up with them all and me to say my congratulations. We left through the stage door and as we stepped out the paps were ready and we were blinded by the lights. They soon stopped when I heard one photographer shout “Stop it’s no one”… Well, that’s a little exaggerated, clearly we were SOMEONE just not THE one. I bet they didn’t save those shots, silly really, soon they’ll be worth loads…. Anyhoo, we met for dinner and we gossiped about everything and nothing, it was great. The next evening we went to a lovely little theatre further out in east London, as one of his friends was appearing in it. It was a great show and if this blog wasn’t anonymous I would be telling everyone about it. It really was a powerful piece, helped in large by the writing, the script was incredible, but the cast were also pretty fantastic. There were tears at the end, (although they were also a little bit for the wine I had to leave in the foyer as drinks weren’t allowed into the auditorium, tres annoying!). We hung around afterwards to say hi and congratulate her on a great performance. She seemed really nice and I enjoyed chatting to her, I wish I could say the same for the other girl who came to see her…. Wow, she really was in class of her own. Also an actress, and one with a massive chip on her shoulder. Conversation started as, funnily enough, my friend had seen her in a show last week. Well I say he’d seen her… she was talking about what she’d done (all certain actors ever do, yawn) and he said, god love him, “I saw that last week”… Oh well I was in it she said. Pause, nervous smile, and then a less than warm laugh from her. There was no real recovery from it, he had basically told her he’d seen the show not too long ago and did not recognise her from Adam. He did remark on her wearing a wig but I think the damage was done. So conversation changed to a recent awards ceremony she’d just been to. Yes, we did talk about her ALOT, and considering she wasn’t even in the show we’d just seen it was a little boring. It was for quite a successful TV programme she’d been in. They didn’t win. One of the others in the party asked her if nominees were told beforehand whether they’d won or not, and she said sometimes. So I asked, and I still don’t see how this could have been taken offensively, if she was told they hadn’t won, and she snapped back. “No of course not, why one earth would we have gone if we weren’t going to win”… That’s the spirit, yep, she was a treat! So we didn’t stay much longer, mainly because it became apparent we were in a mine field and also, I really fancied pizza.


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