No news is bad news, so don’t ask

I’ve been in work for 10 minutes and I have already snapped. There’s a really sweet guy sitting next to me and he is always chatty, gets the teas and generally brightens up the day, but he asks me every time I see him if I have heard anything on my auditions. “Argh, no I haven’t heard yet, as soon as I do you will be the first to know trust me”… Poor guy I bet the teas and the smiles will cease along with the questions. And this is my fault anyway, I said in the last post, or the one before, can’t remember, that I had decided to stop telling people about auditions, but I just can’t help it. They went well so I had to say something. Now as the days draw out the doubt sinks in but my confident swagger and chat from last week is following me around like a bad smell. Why oh why do I do it?!?! Every time, will I never learn? So as a bit of advice, if any of you out there have actor friends do them a favour and just don’t ask. If its good news believe me you will know about it!! We won’t think you don’t care because you don’t ask, by asking it just reminds us that we haven’t heard. I have emailed my agent already, AGAIN, although what I am saying to you is probably the exact same thing she will be saying to me! So this post is more of a foot note than anything else. You guys seem to get it anyway, the number of times I have mentioned these wonderful, perfect, just right for me, auditions and not once have I received a message or comment on whether I have heard anything or how I was feeling about it or whether I thought it had gone well. I don’t think for one second it’s because you don’t care…OMG (apologies in advance for writing that, I’m not 13 really) no word of a lie, at this very second as I am typing these words I have just received a text from a friend – a recently acquired friend I might add so she can be forgiven – asking me if I have heard anything on the auditions. I bring this on myself I really do.

On a different, less self-indulgent note I would like to say R.I.P to the wonderful Norman Wisdom who passed away peacefully last night, another legend leaves us.


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One response to “No news is bad news, so don’t ask

  1. About Yea High

    It’s the same for the life of a freelance writer; people used to joke about how they dreaded getting those little slips of paper in the mail that said, “We regret to inform you…”

    But are you kidding? I’d LOVE for one or two of those. At least it’s something. (Confirmation the mail system isn’t faulty, I suppose.) I’d frame one and put it on my wall. Because rejection these days is just a big black hole of nothing. It’s like you never sent it.

    They don’t even do it via e-mail.

    Really, it’s either acceptance or they can’t be bothered.

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