When in Rome…. live there?

Well audition wise I’m on a role, the second one I had was a success as well. When I got the HBO gig I remember walking out of the recall audition, calling my dad and telling him I’d got the part. He said he wasn’t expecting them to tell me there and then and I told him they hadn’t, I just knew. This also was the case with the comedy series I did last year and the audition I had the other day for the feature film brought the same feeling. Now I know I do risk setting myself up for a fall and I really should know better by now but my instinct on this is very rarely wrong. Once again I have managed to picture myself there… I went in with another girl; both going for the same role and when one auditions for camera the other one sits behind and reads the other lines. I went first and nailed it! I had read that the character was confident but likeable, and the script was very witty. They have been auditioning for this for over a month and I managed to make the casting director laugh, I took this to be a good sign cos it’s hard to find something funny after watching it over and over for a month. Then the other girl stepped up…. and so my confidence rose. She was not good bless her, I hadn’t realised how young she was until she read, she obviously hadn’t taken note of the character breakdown as she came across as arrogant and her eyes were often glued to the script. The part we are going for is young but still… The casting director did ask me my age and when I told her the other girl said “whoa!”, alright calm down I thought. Then on the way out the young whipper snapper said “I didn’t realise it was set in Rome”… it’s not set in Rome.  So I asked her why she thought it was and she said “well it says it in the script, you know when they’re talking about the local culture and he says when in Rome”….yep, she was young.


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