It should have been amazing but…. it wasn’t!

Well the audition yesterday was pretty great. I walk into the casting director’s place and she greets me with an embrace! We had a general meet two years ago and it would appear I made a good impression. She says she has been dying to get me in for something for ages (two years I’m guessing) but nothing had come up and that this is finally ideal. She also said that the story I told her last time is one she still retells now and it always gets a laugh….. Urm, what story?!?!!? My mind is a panic. Do I pretend to know what she means and go along with it or tell her I have absolutely no idea what she’s talking about and risk offending her? And also hope of course, that the story was real and not just a ploy to be remembered… Thankfully I don’t have to worry as she retells it to me and it was fact. It was to do with a play I did a few years ago, which should have been one to remember. It was a very romantic story and I was single at the time and so I was very much looking forward to meeting my leading man. It was to be a long run and so we would be spending a lot of time together. There were usually two shows a day with Sundays off. And well, we hated each other, and I mean real hatred. When I saw him I though cute and was very pleased but as soon as he opened his mouth I wanted to vomit into it! Everything about him made my skin crawl, all he had to do was say hello and I wanted to punch him in the face. Have you ever had that experience? I can’t stress enough that this is not a common occurrence; in fact I had never before and have never since experienced anything like it which was the very cruel irony of the story. His feelings were mutual so I wasn’t just being a bitch; it was just a massive personality clash. He had really bad breath and he was aware of it and he actually used to make it worse just to make it harder for me, I mean what a weirdo!! Anyway, that ended up being an extremely long run and it really put our professionalism to the test, months and months of kissing and hugging….still makes me want to barf.

Anyhoo, the read was good and I could really sense that she wanted me to do well. It was on tape and I got to do it several times so I just have to hope the director likes me as much as she does. I IMDB’d all the crew and the cast that have already signed up last night and it’s so much bigger than I thought it was. Not sure if that was a good idea or not. If I’d have known it was that huge I may have been way too nervous but then again maybe I would have been more prepared. Whatever the case I think in future I’ll either look them up before the audition or not at all, cos now my mind is racing! Got another big one today, it’s for another feature and one that already has a big following. It’s currently a TV show which is being made into a film and it’s huge over here. Not sure if it’s shown in the states but I’m sure the theatrical release will be global. It would be massive for me and I am feeling pretty good about it. It’s again for a much younger character so I have my age and experience on my side and the casting director attached likes me and knows my work so all seems to be in my favour. If only casting directors had the final say I think I would bag both jobs.


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