More coffee please

I’m sitting in Starbucks waiting to go for my first of several big auditions and I’m lucky to have them. I went away last week for a short break and of course that was the week every casting director in town wanted me in for an audition. I literally received a call from my agent everyday – oh how I wish I’d paid for that telephone abroad bundle thingy! Some auditions were lost but thankfully several could be moved. I got an email from my agent asking me to remind her next year to tell me to go away in August and not September when it’s busy. Ouch.

Anyhoo all is not lost and here I am lines prepped, appropriate attire and make up on, sitting opposite the audition building. There’s a young girl next to me furiously typing away at her laptop. My laptop is broken so I’m writing this in my diary (obviously now I’m typing it up, at work). I’m auditioning for a period drama so it seems rather apt that I should be using the old pen and ink. This would be a great little gig for me, take me right up to crimbo and a good part to get my teeth in to. How many times have I said that?! Jeez it’s difficult not to get too excited. I have decided to stop telling so many people though, when I get these auditions. Whatever luck they tell me they’re sending doesn’t seem to be reaching me and is being absorbed by all the other girls, so I’m keeping quiet. I’ve got to head into work after this and I was thinking how lovely it would be to just write in Starbucks (or any other chain, I’m not trying to plug them here – unless someone from Starbucks is reading this and they want me to advertise them at which case I would be more than happy to come to some sort of agreement) and act. Well I guess this week could be the turning point. All the possibilities coming up are good money so I’d be pretty sweet for a while and more importantly the projects are interesting and the roles are good. I think its been a sufficient resting period for me so I’m more than ready. Oh go on then, send positive thoughts, just this once!



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3 responses to “More coffee please

  1. I am wondering just what Taylor has to say about that???

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