Aren’t you that actress from….?

I arrived into work this morning and it would appear my desk has gone. I don’t mean literally, it’s still there, but there is someone else sitting at it. I have been informed that I am now “hot desking”, which basically means that I don’t have a particular desk; rather I sit wherever there is a space. So my carefree days of updating the blog, checking my website, reading heat, and generally surfing, have abruptly come to an end. Darn it! I am today cushioned between “Crane Neck” and “T.C”, I won’t explain those nicknames, you’re a clever lot I’m sure you’ll work them out. What it means is this won’t be as easy as it used to be. But I like a challenge so bring it on. The reason for this inconvenience is due to new members joining the team, which means more people asking about my career. One guy recognised me from the HBO show and seemed really disappointed in me for working here, so that’s nice, I do hope we get to work together more. Apart from that rather shocking start to the day it’s actually been quite pleasant. I arrived to find an email from a guy who I auditioned for nearly a year ago. He was a young director who previously had one television credit for a show I quite enjoyed. He was casting for another show and offered me the role. It was a great programme and went on to do rather well but I had been offered another job, which I had accepted, in between his audition and offer, so I had to turn it down. Anyway, he is now casting for a feature film and wants to get me in to try out for the lead. So I have forwarded on to my agent and she is on the case!

The weekend turned out quite fun considering my apprehension. The wanky networking party actually turned out rather enjoyable, and not too wanky at all. I must admit, pretty much as soon as we arrived I slowly moved away from my boyfriend as he chatted shop, avoiding eye contact with those concerned. I searched out and started conversations with, anyone who looked to be as uninterested in all that stuff as I was. So all in all a nice weekend. Now today is a day of actually doing some work, shudder, and hoping that one of those many auditions I had last week will turn into something more. Gotta go, Crane Neck’s having a field day and may actually dislocate something if he’s not careful, and TC is being such a C its driving me to distraction…. I think they may be on to us………


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  1. About Yea High

    Great stuff. You have a nice, easy prose. It really feels like you’re speaking aloud.

    Your comments regarding peoples’ reaction to you–the ones who recognize you–bring YET ANOTHER question to mind. (No, I know this isn’t “Dear Abby,” or whatever the British equivalent is… but that ALSO ties in to my question, actually…)

    In today’s world, it feels as though fans have a larger sense of entitlement. In days of yore (you know, the early 80’s) there was no Twitter, no Facebook, no reality TV. The shows we watched were made up of actors; those actors assumed roles for their shows and then, when done for the day, they went back to at least a modicum of privacy. To say there was a much bigger air of mystery about what went on behind the “magic curtain” is an understatement.

    And I’m not decrying today’s “more information” age. On the contrary, for those who are interested in the behind-the-scenes stuff, there’s more to be had these days than ever before (this blog, for instance). I certainly like it.

    But it still feels as though fans have a much more skewed view of what is appropriate and what is not. Not only that, they now have various platforms with which to voice their displeasure. One of my favorite musical performers, Sia, was recently slagged by a small group of fans who had caught up to her after a show and essentially demanded personal face time. She apologized and said she could not hang out with them, and for that they carried out a weeklong hate campaign on Twitter and other mediums. Simply because she could not hang out with them. She was marked as “self-centered” and a “hater” of her own fans.

    Now understand, there was a legitimate reason for her to be in a hurry to leave–I believe she said her dog was sick, and she needed to get home to see how he was faring–but even if there wasn’t she bloody well has the right to decline. A ticket to a concert, or a premier, or a backstage pass to a show does not entitle you to a one-on-one private conversation with the performer. And I understand a certain excitement that might arise when face-to-face with someone you admire… but really. It sometimes feels a little out of control.

    So my question to you, for a future post if possible, is: What are your experiences with fan enthusiasm? (Or over-enthusiasm?) Was there ever a time in which a fan made you feel uncomfortable, or perhaps a time when someone recognized you and immediately acted as though they knew exactly who and what you were, simply based on the roles they had seen you in?

    Even though you’re not yet 30, you’ve been in the business since you were a teen, so you probably have a keen insight on some of the changes that we’ve seen over the past decade-and-a-half. What is in your view appropriate fan behavior?

    Thanks for the time, and I hope you broke a few legs in those auditions last week.

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