Random meets and missed jokes

I had a great last week; I think it resulted in six auditions, which is pretty good. They were all varied too so it was really enjoyable. There was also an unexpected extra meet, which was quite exciting. I had just finished my radio audition – which I don’t think went amazingly well, not sure why just didn’t pick up on a good vibe. Anyway, as I left I got a call and a quick chat and then got in to the lift to leave. Just as I did a guy jumped in with me and asked me if I worked at the studios. I told him I didn’t and I was just there for an audition. He then told me that he loved my voice and it would be perfect for something he was casting so asked me to ring him later. He left me his name and number and then dashed off. I called my agent so she could have a little investigation – who knows could have been for a sex line, and not sure I want to go down that route, not yet anyway –  before I called back and it transpired that he was a senior producer there and a very important man. How exciting! So I did an audition over the phone and it went really well. He was very complimentary and told me that he was meeting someone from the Globe later that day so he’d pass my details on too. He is going to give me a call at the beginning of next week. So extremely random and hopefully very promising! Then I had the commercial casting, which was …. Eventful. I had been waiting quite a while and therefore I guess eager to hear my name. So when the casting director comes out and calls the next person I hear my name and go in. The guy behind the camera gives her a quizzical look and she asks, are you really Belinda? Urm no…. So I go back out again and the real Belinda goes in. She then comes out again and says my name. I’m a little hesitant so she repeats it just to clarify and in we go. I’m asked about myself and say where I’m living, what I’ve been doing lately and then add, I also like to be called Belinda ……… Silence. No reaction. So I say, oh that was just a joke and she smiles and says I know…. Wow, tough crowd.

Friday I had the series casting and although I felt about ten years older and ten pounds heavier than all the other girls (I’d like to point out here that I am not fat, one friend told me I’ve gone on about the weight thing quite a lot and it sounds like I’m a tubs, I’m not, I’m just not a bean pole!) anyway, I think it went well. I got to try out for all the characters, whereas some were only asked to do a couple and the response was good. So fingers crossed next week will be a week of good news. I’m also fairly confident that the auditions will continue picking up, I always love September. Got a bit of a networking party to go to tonight, yawn. It’s more for my boyfriend than me to be fair so I must try to look enthused and definitely not get drunk. I envisage lots of smiley faces and general wonderfulness… Yah, marvellous darling. I think I may need to work on that….


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