Drama games!!

Well what a change in the last few days!! Last week, and pretty much the week before that, was ridiculously quiet. It was a hard shift going from performing every night at the theatre to nothing. The auditions weren’t coming in and I was, as most of my friends could tell you, beginning to get a little miffed by it all….. But it looks like it’s finally turning around!! Firstly I had an audition for a commercial and it was quite a fun one, in that it wasn’t too serious so I wasn’t surrounded by depressingly gorgeous women. It went well and I enjoyed it, didn’t get it but it was an audition at least. Then this week… CRAZY. So, I had a great meet with a relatively young and upcoming director about his latest feature and the script was great. He offered me the lead and I so wanted to do it but unfortunately it clashes with another commitment, which is so often the case in this business. But still he really liked me as did the producer so I think that was an excellent contact to make. I have two auditions tomorrow, one for another advert – great money and nothing degrading – and one for a radio play. Haven’t done radio before so that would be great and it’s with the beeb and I do like their stuff so fingers crossed. Then on Friday I’ve got an audition for a new comedy series for one of four leads. The part is right up my street, in fact I have played the character before and I relish in it. So I am feeling uber confident about that and really can’t wait to get to it. The character is also quite a lot younger than I am but thankfully I can pull a young look off. Often when this happens the other actresses I’m up against are a lot younger than I and also less experienced so that’s always quite amusing. It has proved problematic in the past however, I remember one audition when I was supposed to kiss one boy who would be the characters boyfriend and he was 12 years younger than me. It resulted in me kissing him on the cheek and feeling more than a little weirded out by the whole thing. That was the same audition in which it started with a “drama game”…. shudder. I honestly don’t know how kids presenters do it, the workshop audition lasted for an hour and I think I was probably about 10 -15 years older than the rest of the actors. I remember texting a friend during one of the breaks, we’d had quite a heavy one the night before and the whole thing seemed so surreal I had to check I wasn’t still drunk.  Although the process was horrendous (spending a Saturday morning with over excited school children who think you’re one of the casting assistants as oppose to another actress) I did get the part thank god!

Had another, and thankfully the last this year, wedding at the weekend. It was a Jewish wedding and it was great. The Rabbi was like something out of the Soprano’s, with such a strong New York accent. The bride and groom looked wonderful, the groom is actually a writer so his speech was hilarious which was a little unfortunate on the best man, as he so clearly wasn’t…. My day job has also offered to extend my contract for a further 6 months and although I moan about them, they are so flexible and reliable that I am lucky to have it. So my roller coaster is at the top at the moment and I am making the most of what seems to be pretty much good times. Now all I need is for one of these auditions to turn into a job and I’ll be laughing.


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