Santa Claus and chocolate

Well another disappointing week, not one audition, although I did receive a letter from Michael Grandage, which is pretty much like getting a Christmas card from Santa. And I mean the REAL Santa not his “helpers”. It was really nice and actually quite long. The short of it being that he liked what he saw (that could be read in the wrong manner, and I will clarify that he was referring to my acting ability) and he will consider me for all future roles I may be suited to. So that was nice. I had a busy social weekend. My friend from Australia, I believe I mentioned her early on, came back on Wednesday and we all celebrated her arrival on Friday. I got suitably merry, ended up crying and then arguing with my boyfriend so I believe that ticks all the boxes for a drunken Friday night. Saturday was a wash out and then on Sunday I went to ANOTHER wedding. Not any celebs this time but equally as fun. I managed to avoid the hangover by sipping water in between the wine and champers, clever girl. And now I am back at work, what a joy. Wow, two weeks without an audition really grates, I can feel my blood pressure rising and I am definitely not in the best of moods. I should think this has something to do with the rather highly fuelled alcohol weekend but I can definitely say if I was on an acting job now and not in the office I would be feeling considerably better! This actually brings me nicely into the questions that have been posed this week… Not planned at all.

 Firstly, the “mad” remark…. Now, I agree to a certain extent, all performers have to be slightly mental to do what we do. When you think about it we basically have a range of personalities we jump into, and also we constantly have to be thinking a step a head of the game. By this I mean, who we are talking to and what we are saying. For instance how I talk about jobs and casting directors here I probably wouldn’t say to just anyone… in fact probably no one. You seem to all think I am a certain actress, and I can’t say I mind, but whatever your conclusions are I will never reveal whether you are correct or not and that way I can pretty much get away with saying what I like… there is no solid proof tying me to anyone!! Mwah ha ha ha… yeah you’re right, bit mental. Not sure that actually addressed that comment but anyway, to the questions. Firstly I would like to point out that I am going through a bit of a dry patch at the moment so can’t help but think perhaps my answers may be slightly affected by my state of mind. But in all honesty I think your current situation will always reflect in your response. At the moment I would be happy with anything, within reason, I’ll let you use your common sense on that one. There is most definitely a pecking order when it comes to jobs. This order may vary from actor to actor but there is generally a consensus. For example, T.I.E (theatre in education) is looked upon as a starting point for actors. You wouldn’t really find an established actor going to schools unless they had a passion for teaching as well. Similarly student projects and fringe work would also be considered as a tool for experience and to build on your C.V. The main “bad boys” of work would be… West end/Broadway theatre, TV and film. What order those would go in would entirely depend on your preference. For me I would like a balance of all three… I think most actors would agree that although they would have one medium as their preference it’s always nice to have a variety. There is of course, as you put it, the mountain to climb. The order you stated is quite correct, and to be honest once you have achieved “success” you can then have more options available to you. Theatre can be very elitist and there are certain actors, in my opinion, who only find themselves treading the boards because the public knows them and therefore will bring with them a certain amount of bums to seats…..The question of advertisements is a tricky one. Yes maybe five years ago or less you wouldn’t find many “successful” or at least known actors doing ads, many would call this a sell out, but its a very different story now. Many of the big names are doing ads. This could be for many different factors, the first obviously being cash. I think we have all been hit by the economy crisis of late and the more you have the more you spend so even the wealthiest of you could always use some extra cash. More money and effort has also gone into advertising now so some adverts are actually quite entertaining and not so tacky, and so it seems more acceptable now for all actors to take on.

I would LOVE a commercial right now; they are such good money I can’t begin to tell you. As I have just finished a theatre job it would be nice now to perhaps do some filming… but as you can see there’s no real pickiness going on. As far as the Megan Fox reference goes, that is a whole other debate which I have tried to be more careful with over the years. It’s never too good to moan about other actors, there will always be some that have the right contacts, were in the right place, blah blah blah. But I think this is true in most careers and is something you just have to deal with. It does take hard work and dedication for most of us but who am I to judge anyone that makes it another way? To look at it from the other side, there are many out there who have had that extra hand and perhaps found their feet quicker than others who will now always have that stigma attached to them about how they made it. They in some respects now have to work even harder to achieve that acceptance or respect. Would I like a helping hand? Sure. But would I want to be known for that? No way! So there are no real easy routes. As for the stress of getting to the height of fame and being in the spotlight well I don’t have much sympathy there I have to say. That’s the one thing you have to accept and know when you start out. This is an industry that is now more superficial than it used to be and you are often judged more on your personal life than your professional one. There is a thin line between success and fame. But believe me if you want to stay out of the spotlight you can. An actors PR team are paid good money for a reason, and those shots which catch the celeb unaware are very rarely that!! If an actor or actress wants to be seen they will be and if they don’t they won’t. I wouldn’t believe all the expressions and body language you are presented with. Don’t forget they are actors and if they want you to believe a certain image they can make that happen. I haven’t articulated all that very well I realise but I hope you get the gist.

The dream for me? No more “day job”, regular mix of Theatre, Film and TV and to definitely not fake it. If I’m happy I would invite the paps in and if not, well, chocolate, the sofa and probably lots of wine.


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