The real O.C???

Had a fairly quiet week last week, ended up with only one audition for a short film. The script is really nice and I think the audition went well. Its only two days filming and quite well paid so would have been a nice experience, but I think I would have heard by now. There are a few rumours going round at the moment on-line about certain projects which I think would be amazing for me, one of which I’m certain I would be thought of for, but as ever there is nothing I can really do, except badger my agent every other day, which as you know I love to do.

Had quite a packed weekend, hit the town on Friday with my fellow thesp from my last show and we painted Soho red. I got fairly drunk and was randomly recognised from the HBO show I did all those years ago – can’t have changed much!! Anyway, for some reason I decided to say I was actually from California! When he asked me where my mind went blank, so I replied, along the coast. Why I did this I have no idea, it wasn’t that funny just a bit weird… Then the next day I had a wedding to go to. Could say it was a little showbiz, there were a few celebs there, – and no I am not including myself! Several soap stars, a few TV dramas and one or two A-listers. My friend had decided that she would get drunk enough to ask for photos towards the end of the night and I said I never would, how embarrassing,………. mmm, well apparently nothing’s embarrassing after champagne and Cosmo’s. Yep, photos were taken of all of them and to be fair they were very nice about it. Can’t help but cringe now though, no idea what was said, I’m just praying I didn’t say I was from the coast of California!!


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  1. About Yea High

    This latest question is brought to you by my friend Josh, who is literally too terrified he might be harangued for his questionable English skills to actually post here himself. Rest assured he will read this and be angry that I pointed it out, but there you have it. He thinks you are half-mad, half-brilliant, while I consider you at least three-quarters mad. But witty!

    Question: What is the “pecking order,” so to speak, of attractive acting jobs? Like if you had your dream choice … what would it be? Most of the people who work most normal jobs work toward retirement … but to most actors, “retirement” is like a curse word. They’d rather work until they are dead. Is that just the thrill of performance, or is it simply frowned upon in the acting community to “fade away” gracefully?

    I’ve heard that once most actors find themselves in the movies, it is very hard to pry them away by choice. Like you hear of the actor who started in theatre, then went to commercials, then did television, then climbed that mountain and wound up atop a major motion picture. And only when they then somehow fail at maintaining that lofty perch do they then somehow end up back in advertisements.

    Yet you also have the actors who seem to prefer theatre to all other things. I have heard that personal gratification factors in; if you’re on stage, you’re getting an immediate reaction, you get your bow (assuming all went well) and all that. But it doesn’t pay very well, generally, you’ve said. So then it’s more of a place to hone your craft and to then fall back on when you are comfortable.

    The Megan Foxes of this world are rare (lighting in a bottle–right place at the right time despite very little skill or likability), and I think most of us know it generally takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to those huge payday events. And harder for a woman, since it is widely held they have a “shelf life” whereas men do not. The pressure seems all the more ratcheted up.

    Yet some of the people who really make it–the Colin Firths and the Angelina Jolies–often seem as though they are under even heavier pressures. It’s like they’re so popular they’re miserable. Is that somehow still an attractive thing?

    If you could handpick your future–work schedule and fame and all of that–what sort of path would you travel?

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