Waiting for that phone to ring…. or not?!

And so the show has come to an end, very sad, it has gone so quickly! The last two shows were good ones, the audiences were a nice size and it was clear they were with us from the beginning. We really enjoyed it and resisted the temptation to play around a bit. Now this is not necessarily a common thing, I can’t say for definite that it happens with all casts and at all theatres, but there is the “tradition” to play around a little in the last show. The main aim being to stitch up your fellow actors. I’m not sure why this was dropped, I’d like to think it’s because it was such a good piece and the audience deserved a good show…. Our director also happened to be in the audience. The after party was fun, late and a little messy, but fun. I think I made my way home at about 5am. We have organised a meet up for next week, a little dinner and drinks so that’s nice, hopefully we will go against the norm and actually stay in touch.

I spent the last few days at home with my parents. Although the show has gone quickly, it has been hard work so I fancied a little break from London and also to allow my mum and dad to fuss, which they love to do!! It was eventful as ever, and if this blog were about my personal life more than my professional one I could write about the weekends activities for hours, but it’s not, so I will just give you an insight into the type of things that went on. Firstly, we went to our local pub for a fun day. This consisted of a band, some face painting, a sand pit and a dog show. Quite impressive for a country pub to be honest. It had been quite a few hours and my little nephew (who is only 18 months) was getting a little restless. He hadn’t had his nap so, like most men, was getting a bit irritable. My mum suggested taking him for a little stroll in his buggy to set him off. We quite happily let her go, ordered some more drinks and enjoyed the atmosphere. 45 minutes later she returns with a wide-eyed little boy, no closer to falling asleep than he was when he left, blood dripping down her face and her hair tangled. Now at first glance one begins to panic, is my nephew in fact more advance than we could ever have imagined? Do we have a little Stewie on our hands?!  No, not quite, mum took a corner too tightly and had an altercation with a branch. It would appear that it’s not just cars she has trouble maneuvering, but anything with wheels. The following evening we were going to have a relaxing night in when my great aunty phoned, it was about 7 o’clock. She had been ringing my Nan and there was no answer. This is not common, the phone has on many occasion been forever engaged because she hasn’t put it back on the hook properly, but to ring and no answer was a little worrying. So we (my mum and me) get wrapped up (it was friggin freezing this weekend) dash to the car and get round to the flat ASAP. We burst in (mum has keys), to find Nan sitting on the sofa, sherry in hand, Emmerdale on with subtitles and the phone next to her. She doesn’t react too much to our urgent arrival but looks at mum and says “that bloody phone keeps ringing, getting on my nerves”

Got to love the elderly.


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