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I’m feeling ill today, got a shocker of a cold and am basically exhausted. No time to rest though, with a week to go this is not the time to let my body give up on me. I’m not a good patient however, so tend to be quite grumpy; being at work doesn’t help either. I can not wait until I can give up my “day job”, I am really fed up (like I say I’m ill so everything seems worse) of having to work this zzzzzzzzzzzzz job just to be able to afford to do the only thing I love!! Grrrrr.

The show is still going well although the Saturday matinee was fairly shocking. There was a lovely old man, very sweet, sitting on the front row on his own. He was sitting on the edge of the slightly raised seating. As the show began we had all noted that he was nodding off and on and found this to be more amusing than anything else. No one in the cast knew him, we were fairly sure he wasn’t a casting director or someone scouting, so he had obviously come of his own choosing for a bit of Saturday afternoon entertainment. Anyway during one particular scene in which myself and another actor stand on the sides of the stage watching the action, he nods off completely falls of his chair and thumps his head on the floor. It was horrific and even more alarming to see that no one in the audience (one of which was an usher) moved to help him. So myself and the other actor step in and help him to his feet. It transpires that his name is Colin; he is a huge fan of theatre and tries to see as much as he can. His son had printed off the directions and he was very much looking forward to the show. We did not ask his age but he had been living in London for 60 years so we’re thinking around the 70 mark. The paramedics were called and he was suitably bandaged up and insisted on coming in for the second act. He was surprisingly drawn into the show, he just said he was feeling extremely tired, bless him. So the second half was definitely for Colin and we really did give it our all – not to say we don’t always anyway, but Saturday matinees are tough at the best of times. It really did affect me though, I hate anything like that, as I’m sure most people do, and my leading man couldn’t help but notice that my tears were not only more than usual but also earlier!! Again I’m sure this has to do with my exhaustion as well, but it really shocked me.

No news on any auditions that I’ve had or any more coming. I hope something comes of this I really do. It’s fairly clear to all concerned now that we’re not going to make any money, and whilst I have enjoyed it, and I really have, I hope it leads on to something. I had a rather annoying text the other day from a good friend of mine – he often reads this so I apologise in advance, but you did bug me a little!! He sent me a text saying “you don’t want to know who got your HBO part”… so don’t tell me then!! Of course curiosity took over and I asked who. It was an actress who has been in a soap, not one of the most respected ones, and so he assumed a bad actress. I know of her and I don’t think she’s a bad actress and she is certainly gorgeous so it wasn’t too much of a blow but I’m not sure where he was going with it, as far as telling me. I told him quite honestly that when I got my part in that show a few years ago I hadn’t done anything, so sometimes your current situation is completely irrelevant. With HBO, more than most which is admirable, it really doesn’t come down to background. If you are suited to the role and they believe in you then the part is yours. I believe the leading female is fairly young and inexperienced. I still feel a little down at the mo though; it would be nice to have something to be excited about at least. There’s only a week left, but as my mum so aptly put it, “who knows what you’ll be complaining or celebrating about next month, but each day you’re getting closer to something bigger, and that’s what’s exciting”… I am serving my dues I know; it’s only a matter of time now, right??


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