Small theatre, small audience

We had 13 people in last night…. for the first half, and then 10 for the second……………….. That was painful, very painful. The three delightful girls who left after the first half, spent most of their time on their phones anyway so it was a relief more than anything when they didn’t return. Why come at all?? When you’re at a small theatre, this one only holds about 150, and sitting on the front row, do not get your phone out. The light will shine out for all to see, and quite honestly its just plain rude. Our director was also in to make some notes. He seems to do that once a week. It can be quite disconcerting so see someone in your provisional vision furiously scribbling whilst you’re giving it your all. One of the actors made me laugh though when he said he had delivered three words and the director put pen to paper! Not the best of starts. But all that aside it was actually a very good show. I really got lost in it. Not quite as lost as our leading man however who skipped about 2 pages worth of dialogue. I quite like it when that happens – as long as they don’t cut out any big bits for me – it keeps you on your toes and is quite exciting. He hadn’t actually noticed until he turned round and saw that I wasn’t in my usual position. We had a couple of glasses of wine afterwards and all relaxed. Its great at the theatre bar, the actors get a discount on all drinks which pretty much means they end up being two pounds each. It’s one of the actor’s bday today so we’re all going out tonight – I have booked tomorrow off work.

 Had another audition this morning for a cool little advert, great money and filming next week. It would be pretty sweet. It went well too and I was paired with a nice guy. I have to say I thought we looked the most convincing as a couple. The casting assistant tried to swap us around but when I saw the guy she was going to swap him with I said that we’d already got to know each other so we’d prefer to stay as we were. Worked out well, some of the other pairs just looked silly. Should find out pretty soon, hopefully tomorrow, the turn around on adverts is always pretty quick. Agents coming tonight with two casting directors so hoping it’ll be a good one, we have a considerably larger audience tonight thank god. I know what they say, but honestly, size really does matter.


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