Romeo done

The show is drawing to an end already, can’t believe how quickly it’s gone. We’re not quite there yet but certainly in the home stretch. It’s been a success in my opinion. The audiences have been good, the majority of the reviews have been positive and I hope to have made some good impressions on a few influential people. Mostly though I have made some great friends. Alas, as it seems is always the case, I know some of them I will lose contact with. Not because I don’t like them as much as others. I can honestly say there is not one person in the cast whom I prefer to anyone else, I think they’re all great, but it is inevitable. Due to different work schedules, groups of friends, convenience etc. The cracks are beginning to show with our Romeo. He embarked on the dreaded showmance, (I briefly touched on the reasons why it is never advisable to get involved with a co-worker in Fact or Fiction). There was a lot of flirting and a seemingly blatant show of interest, but when the certain lady followed this up and suggested they take it somewhere more private he ducked out. It would appear that he wasn’t really interested at all, just enjoying the attention. For one reason or another I seemed to be the agony aunt to both parties and they each came to me with their own account of events. Fortunately they seem to have gotten over this blip but with a few shows still to go it could have been disastrous! Now when I am acting with him I am seeing more of a cocky boy to a sweet one, it would appear my prediction of him succumbing to the ways of the biz (which I mentioned in Directors and Dragons) is happening faster than expected, and so another one bites the dust.

Auditions have started to pick up again as the reality of my soon to be “resting” period is during closer and closer I am getting more anxious. You are never really able to completely enjoy a job unless you know you have something lined up afterwards. How long will it be before I get something else?? Not too long I hope, it’s such a drag when all I have is the office, and this contract is running out in a few months so god only knows what I’ll do then. Well that’s all for now, nothing too exciting to report yet, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say after the wrap party!


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