Directors and Dragons

Back in the office today, so obviously first thing I should do is up date this. I had a day off yesterday, or a “sick day”, whatever you prefer to call it. It was heaven to do absolutely nothing. I tell a lie I did eat, quite a lot and I also watered some plants, but that was pretty much it. Obviously I had the show in the evening but I wouldn’t class that as work because I actually enjoy doing that. We have had our first bad “professional” review. It was a little painful. The critic pretty much hated it. Not one person was left out which was nice, we were equally as awful as each other apparently. Well, I guess you can’t please everyone, and this lady is clearly extremely hard to please. My guessing is she is a failed actress but who knows. I googled her and found literally nothing, so that speaks volumes. It’s still going well and I am finding my leading man more adorable as the shows go on. Twenty three and just out of drama school and full of such energy and enthusiasm it’s impossible not to be lifted when you’re around him. I wonder how long that will last. At the moment he has no idea just how pretty he is – I know you guys hate to be called pretty but there really is no other word for it, he’s not quite matured enough to be handsome but he is headed there. It’s a little heart breaking to know that in a few years or maybe even less the business will no doubt get to him and he will turn in to yet another, good-looking, slightly annoying, over-confident actor. Believe me they’re everywhere!! Who knows perhaps he will stay grounded but I am certain he is destined for bigger and better things and being single and care free, a good-looking male when you’re in this line of work, is dangerous. When my mum saw him she asked me if he was single, I told her yes and then reminded her that I wasn’t. I think my dad had to remind her that she wasn’t either. It was very amusing when my parents came to the show bless them. My mother, ever infused, immediately congratulated everyone, including one guy who wasn’t even in it. My dad asked if I wanted his critique. It was the first night and we’d just finished so I told him that perhaps we could go over it another time. I received the email the following morning. I’ve had a casting director in and also Michael Grandage came the other night! Apparently he loved the show and the entire cast.  We all got very excited about this, our director asked us not to all write at once or bombard him with letters…. We’ve agreed to take it turns and write one a day. What’s worse, eight letters on your desk at once or one everyday?? 

I had an audition a few days ago for a new feature film, due to begin shooting two days after this finishes, perfect! It’s a great script, a horror which is my favourite genre. It’s based around paranormal activity (not the recent film, the topic) and I love that. Had to do an American accent, which I am confident with now. When I did the HBO show one comment was that my English accent was a little off and clearly I was American ( I’m not)….I recently auditioned for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake and one bit of feed back I got was, “I didn’t realise she was American”. I also got some nice notes on my acting but I don’t think I’m quite well-known enough yet to be considered. But getting seen is nice. Anyhoo, I think it went well. I saw the girl who was going in after me and heard her accent, not feeling too concerned about her. I know, a bit bitchy but it’s true. I think it’s important to know your competition and it’s fabulous when you don’t consider them a threat!


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