There’s always one!

So we have had one review back so far and it was a great one!! They loved us and the production as a whole, there wasn’t one negative, so we are delighted! I have been feeling great about the show and have had some wonderful feedback. You know yourself when you’ve done a good performance and so far I am feeling happy. There has been a mystery blogger – who I can’t really complain about seeing as I am one too – who seems to have targeted me. I will say though that although I do remain anonymous I never publically insult anyone so I feel I do have the right to complain about this person slightly. It’s frustrating as I don’t believe that they didn’t like my performance which makes it a personal vendetta as oppose to a professional one. Now I know I shouldn’t let it bother me as the qualified critics have come back and they like it but still it can’t help but grate. I think if you are going to publically bash someone then you should at least have the guts to say who you are. I have received some less than kind bashings in my time, mainly to do with my appearance than my performance, and I have grown to accept this, there will always be someone who jumps on the hate wagon. But when they attack my ability as an actor that’s when it hurts. Ok so I did get my teeth done and the diet I went on after the HBO gig may (who am I kidding, was) a result of the comments I received from the public, but still, it’s my acting that’s important to me. I am old enough now to be comfortable with my appearance, so people can say what they want, but my acting!!!!??? Then the rage does seep in. But I figure if they’re not willing to say who they are then perhaps it’s because they are not confident enough in their statements, or at least aware that it’s just plain mean. Whenever I have received hateful remarks, it has always been from anonymous or “nicknamed” bloggers. I recently received a delightful message from a John Wayne, needless to say I decided not to post it, but if you are reading John, I hope you don’t kiss your mother with that mouth! That is one thing that you have to accept when you come in to this line of work, there will always be someone trying to bring you down. For what reason? Who knows. But it must be exhausting feeling such negativity all the time, and hate only breeds hate so I suppose you should feel sorry for them more than anything… I’m trying.

Anyway, I have given the hater far too much time already. My agent has been doing well and seems to be getting some influential people in so that’s good and other cast members have been getting people in too, so we are getting the show case we deserve. I am a little nervous about tonight as I think we may be in the dog house. Now I know I said this last time and I am making the director out to sound like a head teacher but he’s not. Last time I totally misread the situation and we weren’t in trouble at all, but this time…? It was because of the weekend, we have two shows on the Saturday and in-between them we had to take production stills. This basically meant we had to go through the whole show again so the company had production shots. Why this could not be done during a dress rehearsal I’m not sure, in fact I think it was? Anyway, we were all a little shattered and also conscious of the time, we needed to eat and get ready for the next show so became a little agitated. And all of a sudden the girl taking the pics had a major hissy fit and it was all over. Now we have to meet early tonight and do it all again. Her attitude did anger me slightly to begin with but I really don’t care now, seems a little over the top, but it just highlights that it’s not only actors that can be divas at times. Wow, I guess this post is a bit of a moany one but hopefully next time it will be more positive. We are waiting for some more reviews to come out and I am excited about that as I am sure they’re going to be good ones. I also have lots of friends and family coming this week so I’m looking forward to the next few days. There are lots more stories to tell about the cast and how we manage to keep the “magic” alive, but that’s another post entirely….



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2 responses to “There’s always one!

  1. About Yea High

    Critics are funny things, as they tend to be the most sensitive of all folks–far more than the people they critique.

    Recently there was a television critic / blogger (I’ll not give his name, but he’s British) who was kind enough to come onto one of our websites and talk about an upcoming television project he liked. 95% of the fan response was overwhelmingly positive (thrilled to have an actual professional critic’s opinion), about 4% of the posters were happy but questioned his knowledge, and one dude called him a “hack.”

    95% is pretty good, you’d think the critic would be happy, right?

    Newp. Not happy at all. He sent a scathing letter to us, literally enraged that we weren’t able to “control the populace” suitably to his liking, explaining that “legitimacy” was his “bread and butter,” and that “people questioning his competency” were in effect stealing bread from his childrens’ dinner table.

    I was rather stunned at the irony this man could not taste; aren’t critics in large part responsible for the success / failure of about a gazillion careers in the entertainment industry? The hypocrisy was … amazing.

    Anyway. Your American contingent of TIA fans / followers is solidly behind you in your endeavors, as even the bad experiences make (at least) for good reading. Our beloved TIA has a rather wry outlook on things, and we’re happily laughing right along with you!

    Sadly we cannot technically support your theater career, as it does not wend its way to the U.S…. so from that standpoint we hope you get on television again in some way, shape, or form.

    Just point us to a channel. We’ll watch.

    And if you want to try to throw us off some more, point out a few projects some of your friends are doing as well.

    My friend Bill thinks you are secretly Matt Lucas.

    But he’s a dink.

    • I like the sound of Bill, and I very much like the term ‘dink’, thats not a word we have over here but I may try to incorparte it into my show tonight. One thing to keep things lively (and this is definitely not known to our director nor done when he is watching) is to get as many of our “own words” into the play as possible. Sometimes the demand is just too unrealistic, but i think ‘dink’ could be a winner. Thank you for the words.

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