Critics?? Bring it on….

Well I am absolutely shattered!! The show has started and is going well but there have been lots of post show drinks and I am still working at the office in the day and it has finally hit me. I am literally a walking zombie so a little apprehensive as to how I am going to get through the show this evening! We have had some press in, one writing furiously throughout, one writing in the first half and then nothing in the second – no idea what that means – and we managed to make another one cry, (the story is sad!) So soon the reviews will be out, fingers crossed they won’t be too brutal. I’ve managed fairly smooth performances so far so feeling more settled now, although just before we go on we all ask why we put ourselves through it. I seriously seem to have a panic attack every night!! But once I have done my first scene I relax and start to enjoy myself. My boyfriend has come to EVERY performance so far, really playing the dutiful partner, very impressed with that. Our wage also depends on ticket sales so he’s helping everyone out! Agent has been and she loved it and is currently working on getting as many people to come along to see it as she can, so fingers crossed. I am leaving for the theatre soon and just writing that has induced some laboured breathing, we’ve also been called early for notes from the director. I have a feeling we may be in trouble, not sure why but something is telling me to expect rage – jaysus.

I am out of wit and energy to write anymore at the moment I’m afraid, I’m literally finding it so hard to function. This was just a little update, but bare with me and I will be back to normal soon!!


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