Fact or Fiction??

Firstly apologies for the delay in this latest post but I have been so busy I just haven’t had the time. I got home yesterday went to put the kettle on and the next thing I know my boyfriend is waking me up as its half 10!! I am beginning to feel the strain of juggling the show and my day job. Usually when I get acting work I take some leave and then come back but as this will be night shows and the rehearsal schedule has been varied I have been doing both, and its exhausting. Well the show goes up soon so hopefully it’ll be a bit easier. It’s all going well and I’m starting to get excited now.

An interesting subject that arose this week was inspired by my boyfriend asking me about the play. I am the heroine of the piece and I therefore have a leading man to play against and when he asked how it was going and how I go on with him, I could tell the question was quite loaded. I guess he was wondering how close we get in the play and how our relationship was therefore growing out of it. I reassured him that all is well and although I do adore the actor I am working with, he is a really nice guy and amazing at his job, I am very much committed to my “real life” boyfriend! This then made me think about the issue with on-screen/set romances. There are the obvious examples of Tom and Nicole, Brad and Angelina etc. I was in a play three years ago and the two leads were gorgeous and they were playing very heated characters. They did “get it on” and soon became an item; she left her boyfriend for him. However, as soon as the show finished the romance fizzled and they subsequently broke up. They had fallen for the characters they were playing and so when that was over, what they were left with was reality and that was not so appealing. I really took note of this and have since been aware of the differences between the character and the actor. There have been times since (when I was single) where I could see the potential with romance with a fellow actor but then stopped myself and considered whether this is actually something that would work – I decided it wasn’t! This is often a problem, knowing when the character stops and you begin. I worked on a soap a few years ago and one of my scenes was with an actor who had played a certain character longer than I’d been alive. The actor had literally grown up on the programme, and talking to them in between takes was a little disconcerting as they actually were their character. There was no difference. I’m sure this actor is now type cast; I could not imagine them in any other role – one of the dangers with soaps.

I also thought about the difficulties involved when you do have a love scene or scenes and the strain this can cause when you are involved with someone else. Fortunately when I did my HBO “romp” I was single so I didn’t have anyone to worry about. I haven’t actually had that problem before but no doubt it will be something that arises. There was an actor on the show who ended up getting a divorce. Now I obviously have no idea what the reasons were behind it but I can’t help but wonder whether the raunchy scenes played a factor. I can’t stress enough just how far away these scenes are from being intimate or sexy. There will be a closed set which means “only” about 12-15 people, depending on what you need for the scene. It’s probably one of the most uncomfortable things to do and I really don’t know anyone who looks forward to doing them. It can also be very funny, I remember when I did the scene with HBO, on the first take we had to stop as the guy I was acting with had a little costume malfunction. As the camera rolled and we started the piece of material covering his man part flew off!! I immediately shouted cut and darted away from the oncoming missile! I also had to rub ice cubes on my breasts… yep, there was an offer of someone doing it for me, I declined. It is funny what viewers make of it though and sometimes quite baffling. A close friend of mine, who is very intelligent and generally has a lot of common sense, actually asked me if I really had sex. I was a little shocked and quickly told her, no, that would be porn. I then reminded her of the horror film I was in and although my murder did indeed look real I am very much alive! So it must be hard for partners watching their loved one in action with another actor when it looks so convincing, but I can say 100% there is nothing romantic about it!!


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