Garden Club and Cannibalism

Well it would appear actors aren’t the only ones that love HBO, everybody loves HBO!! After my last blog on waiting to hear back from the audition for their latest big series I have been bombarded with messages and comments. I have to say that the guesses as to who TIA is have been very amusing. Of course it doesn’t really matter who I am, I’m just another actress working my way through the biz! I have to commend you in your investigation work, very thorough, but I couldn’t possibly tell you if your guess is correct. I may have thrown a few red herrings in who knows?!?!?

Anyway, I have had a request to take it back a little to the beginning, the start of it all and the reasons behind it. Well, in the hope of not boring you all to tears I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible, but try to bear in mind I am an actress and we have been known to occasionally enjoy talking about ourselves….I dont think there was a “moment” when I decided to be an actress I think I literally popped out and demanded an audience. I was probably dancing before I was walking. I do have a memory of being no more than four and being at “garden club” with my nan. I’m not sure why this was called garden club, I don’t remember any talk about gardens just lots of sherry. Not for me of course, I didn’t start drinking my nan’s sherry till I was at least nine. I have flashbacks of being marched up to the piano and forced to sing. I don’t remember what the song was but I knew then and there that I would definitely NOT be going into singing. Acting is one thing, singing, a completely different ball game. Which, coincidentally is handy considering, as you would know if you’d read It’s all about you!, I am completely tone-deaf. I started in panto, where all the greats do(!), and had my first line at the age of seven. I was in Robinson Crusoe and took on the roll of a little cannibal. I was standing round a cauldron with a body inside cooking, and turned to the audience, complaining and asked “can’t we have what we had last week?”. At the age of seven, shorter than I should be and with a little bit of puppy fat, this went down very well and my taste for the stage began. I got involved with everything I could at school and was cast as the lead in pretty much all the plays, except winter 1988 when my nemesis Emma was cast as the lead angel in the nativity play. I used to have blonde curly hair but as I got older the curls fell out. She still had curls in hers and I swear that’s why she got it. She was rubbish if I remember rightly, clearly hadn’t researched her part or had any idea of the background story. I was one of the shepherds. That hurt. After I eventually got over this I was beginning to get confident and soon started to focus all my energy on performing. I was cast in a professional show at my local theatre when I was at high school and got paid £2.50 per show. Thinking about it now I’m not even sure if that’s legal, but I didn’t have an accountant at that age, or an agent taking a percentage so I was happy enough. I studied performing arts at sixth form, then at uni and the rest well, you know.

So there we are, that’s a long story short, but I will, as asked, of course take requests! Back to today and rehearsals are going well, I am loving the character and think this is going to be a very successful project for me. I’m also supposed to be hearing back from HBO today but you know, whatever, I’m not really giving it much thought…..


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