Family rituals and HBO

What a week its been!!! After I found out I had landed the part in the play my boyfriend proceeded to set the wheels in motion!! He used all the contacts he had, landed me an interview with an influential arts company and also invited some great people to come and watch! Very exciting and lovely to have that support. Although I am a little petrified of the interview. I’ve never liked interviews I always seem to get tongue-tied, mainly because I want to come across as intelligent as possible!!! Ridiculous, I’m not stupid but I’m no Einstein either, but they’re interviewing ME, there is no need to be anything else than that. I don’t pretend to be anyone else to my friends and family so why feel the need to be this “super woman” to others. Why the need to impress?? I guess we all do it to a certain extent, but this hinders me and I always end up sounded like a complete moron. Thankfully its all over email so I can take my time and not panic!! So far its been about 5 days….

Anyway, at the end of the week my agent informs me I have a big meet with HBO. VERY EXCITING, I LOVE HBO. I think most actors do to be honest, they are awesome. It’s for a great part in a new series they’re doing which is going to be huge. The part will be in two seasons, eight episodes altogether. It’s the same producer from the show I was in, what seems like forever ago now, but could still work in my favour. I tell everyone, as I always do whenever its a “big one”. We have several rituals in my family when it comes to auditions and they’ve been going on too long now to stop it. Kind of like having your set numbers for the lottery and if you don’t use them you know they’ll come up!! One of them is my sister lighting candles. When I got that big job a few years ago I called her just before I went in to the audition and she lit them. I then called her when it was finished and she blew them out, so this was done again. My mum informs me she sends out a little prayer. I’m not sure who to, I know the obvious answer would be God but I’m thinking its more likely to be a family member or even, knowing my mum, a past pet….. Sweet really. So the audition went well and now, as ever, just have to wait and see. My thoughts were, and have been, consumed by that job and it was so easy to forget the excitement and positivity of the job I have already, but that is always the way. As soon as you get a part you start thinking, too quickly, about when the job is up. Whats going to come next? How long do I have to line something else up? Is my agent still putting me up for other stuff? Can I audition whilst I still have this job on the go? Which at the moment is proving near on impossible for me as I am still doing my office job as well. Theatre does not pay well, not for actors of my level anyway, so I really need to keep my day job going too. I’m managing to and coping ok but I think when I start the performances the late nights and early starts are going to be a struggle.

So there we are, that’s the latest. I’m in to the second day of rehearsals and I am loving it, really really enjoy it. All seems to be going well and I feel confident with what I’m doing. I need to finish off that interview and send it out. Emails and phone calls need to be made to get casting assistants and such to come to my show ( I emailed my agent about this, she called and said “Darling I’m on it, that’s my job, get off the emails and go back to your rehearsals”), fair enough. And just try to forget about the HBO gig and not focus on the fact that if I get it, it would keep me busy till December, be potentially huge for my career, send me abroad to film and …. yeah I know, I’m forgetting about it. Honest.



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3 responses to “Family rituals and HBO

  1. About Yea High

    More than a few people have turned onto this blog after the HBO audition mention.

    Love it! Keep speaking the truth, mystery girl.

    I know this is more a day-to-day minutiae sort of blog, which is cool, but a few of us would be interested in a post that takes you back to A. the moment you thought you wanted to be an actress, and B. the moment you knew you had serious talent and could actually make a serious run at it.

    Do you take requests?

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