Will I never learn?!?!?

Had another commercial casting at the end of last week for the perfect kind of commercial. There is often a debate on commercials and whether they can do more harm than good when it comes to long-term career moves. My boyfriend for instance will often point out ads on the telly and ask me whether, if they paid me x amount of money, I’d do it. Now there have been times when I’ve said yes and he has been surprised and told me he strongly disagrees and it would be suicide for my career. Then there is my parents response, which is that I should not turn down work, especially such well paid jobs. I should never think I’m “above” a role and couldn’t possibly understand why anyone would hold it against me. Especially now, what with the apparent outbreak of “top” actors taking on many commercial campaigns. Saying that, my parents also strongly believe I should never do an advert for tampons….? Mmm, it seems that there will never be a consensus…….

Anyway, as I was saying, the commercial I had an audition for last week was ideal. It was big money and only showing in a small part of North America for a short period of time so the chances of anyone in the biz taking any notice of it is slim. Audition went well and the casting director was extremely positive saying, and I quote, “that was perfect, I guess you should do it again as we have asked others to, but I would say do it exactly the same”. It was quite a funny little ad with a clever concept and I told my mum the breakdown, which was an error. We had a party on Saturday night with many friends and family and she took me round the room and got me to repeat the story over and over, laughing enthusiastically each time I told it. So everyone assumed that this was something I was doing, and each time I had to say that it was just an audition so I was still waiting to hear. My mother has text me four times already asking me if I’ve heard and that she really needs to let people know. Casting directors can be so slack some times I tell her, I mean honestly don’t they know my mother needs an answer…. Well that was Friday and today is Wednesday and still no news, I have already forwarded my mum’s number straight to voice mail and I’m no longer even reading the messages. The turn around for commercial castings is quick so no doubt I would have heard by now. You will often get pencilled or heavy pencilled first… and then you get the sacred pen. I had again already planned what I was going to do with the money and even treated myself to not only a manicure at the weekend but a pedicure as well!! So I may not be able to afford new shoes but at least I have pretty toes… Sigh.


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  1. David

    Best of luck. Fingers crossed. I hope you get it – for your mother’s sake, and, consequently, for yours. The waiting is terrible. I am currently in a similar situation myself. I am waiting to hear about an amazing prospect, but I dare not think too hard about it, in case I do not get it. I am uncertain whether I shall, and I have no idea when I will hear back from them.

    Waiting is a unique form of torture. In success, failure, and even total catastrophe, you can roll with the punches. In waiting, you cringe for a blow that may never fall.

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