Is Hawaii enough?!

So last week ended up being fairly hectic. The filming went well although I couldn’t help but feel like a glorified extra which is never nice. I googled the girl I was in the scene with and at only 2 months older than me she was racing ahead. I delivered my one line as positively as I could, luckily the director wanted me to say it with a note of boredom and frustration.. now I wouldn’t say I was bored but frustrated was fairly apt. I was chatting to the other actor I was in the scene with who had just as much to say as I did and his year is all booked up. In fact he is off to Hawaii in a few days for 6 weeks filming Pirates of the Caribbean. I asked him about the part and at the moment he has no lines. Now he’s not an extra actor, he has had some impressive roles and I could tell he takes his craft seriously but how can he be satisfied with that job? Yes he is going to be in Hawaii and yes its a great project to be involved with and I am sure the money is great, but is that enough? I’m not sure it would be for me and I hope I don’t find myself in the position where I think it is… So I left the job a little down and pondering where I would be in a few years time but had to snap out of it as I had the big screen test to do. Luckily I managed to get myself an extra day as someone had cancelled the space so I was able to give my monologue more time. I felt quite up beat after, especially with the accents and was relieved the week was over.

Saw Lady Gaga on Sunday night and that was awesome, she is fantastic and definitely worth seeing. I went with my Botox buddy and we spent a lot of time getting ready before hand. It was Lady Gaga so there was no question as to whether we were going to dress up or not. We both camped it up looking equally ridiculous and fabulous at the same time. The tube journey was interesting considering it was 5 in the afternoon and being the bank holiday lots of young families out. The costumes were tight and revealing – for both of us – so there were a few opened mouths. But we were loving it, centre of attention and excited about Gaga it was a great evening. Our excitement did boil over slightly however and I think we took the pre show “drink” a little too far. I can’t remember how we got home but I paid for it in the morning. I think it was a justified blow out after a heavy week though and now its back to crossing fingers and focusing on getting that job again!


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