Jonathan better be grateful!

Well at the beginning of the week things were looking pretty grim. No news from the theatre audition I had last week and no sign of any castings any time soon. I spoke to my agent and she said the words I always dread… “It’s just a bit quiet at the moment”. And now… I’m filming a scene for a new Channel 4 drama this afternoon, I have a commercial casting tomorrow and I have to get an audition on tape for a feature in LA by Wednesday!! I am so stressed right now I’m not sure I can cope. Filming will be fine; I’m looking forward to that. Nice break from work and great programme to be involved with. The commercial casting is always welcome. This is for quite a trendy product so not a humiliating one which requires singing or dressing up like a doughnut and, as with most ads, its great cash. The problem lies with the screen test. It’s for a top director, filming for 8 months in LA, for the lead in a new feature that looks to be a big deal. I need to prepare a monologue of my choosing based on the character I’m auditioning for, which has been described in four words… helpful. Show two accents, neither of which I am confident with and also prepare some sides. These are basically exerts from the script they want me to perform. I have to send this off by Wednesday, the problem is two-fold. Firstly I can’t access the script or the specific sides, and secondly my only chance to film it is tomorrow. ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!! Well I have to hope I get the script tonight and have a brain wave about the perfect monologue and learn all this by tomorrow, and also that I can nail both accents. I curse the girls that will have the whole weekend to prepare. To say I need positive thoughts right now doesn’t even come close. Why do these things happen to me?? Maybe this is so when I do appear on Jonathan Ross I have something interesting to say, jaysus!


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