What a difference a day makes….

Not the best of weekends firstly on Friday had to dash into town and get a new belly button bar. I had a really pretty one, but on my last shoot I had to take it out. I was in a harness, flying around and had to remove it for safety reasons and I forgot it. The new one I purchased is ugly, big and now hurting. Then got an audition but was majorly early so had some time to kill.  Sat in a café and discovered I had no bank card just one pound so purchased a bottle of water. 45 minutes later and the waiting staff were not impressed. I tried to pretend I hadn’t noticed and messed with my phone. I’ve got an iPhone and I love it but it runs out of battery way too quickly and after the first 5 mins it was dead. Then when I get to the audition, the waiting room is awful, my nightmare. Packed full of, far too enthusiastic, just out of drama school, “its gonna happen” lovies, I have to make it clear I was never one of those. I didn’t go to drama school, was never too enthusiastic… but I do still believe it’s gonna happen, whatever IT is?? Anyway, audition was a waste of time, I wasn’t right for it. Get home tired and a little stressed, have to perk up though as I have arranged a night out. Have a few drinks in the wonder that is Soho, get a bit tipsy, grab a cab and get him to stop on the way “anywhere I can get chips”… as I come out of the kebab shop on the Edgware road – classy – I fall over straight on my derrière. This hurts a lot, also lose a few chips on the way down which also hurts. Get home and swig nail polish remover instead of mouthwash, perfect ending to the perfect day.

Then on Saturday my boyfriend has a friend staying over from Oz, he’s a nice guy and they’re all going out for drinks in the evening. I really want to go out with them but I was doing Cancer Research Race for Life Sunday morning so needed to get an early night. I did it last year and really enjoyed it so was looking forward to doing it again. This year was slightly different though. Last year I had quite a few spectators, my mum and dad, auntie and uncle, boyfriend, brother and his girlfriend and two friends, this year no one came to watch. Last year I raised just over 1000 pounds, this year just over 300. Last year it was in Hyde Park, this year Regents. Last year it was on a Sunday this year it was on a Saturday. Yes that’s right, whilst I was recovering from that horrendous Friday just lying on the roof (flat one) soaking up the rays; I should have been running round the park. Instead I turned up yesterday, wearing a pink vest with my number proudly attached, looking around the park confused at the lack of people until it finally dawned on me that I was 24 hours late.  So anyone that saw a girl in pink wondering aimlessly through Regents Park yesterday looking rather special…. You now know the true identity of the rather silly and extremely embarrassed TIA!!


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