What to do in auditions

Finally got a job, first of the year and perfect timing as the money covers the cost of my beautiful pearly whites. It’s a commercial and a total shocker as the audition was disastrous. I’m great with auditions, always 10 minutes early, lines learnt; make up perfect – depending on the role of course. I once had an audition for a homeless drug addict so no make up and tangled hair, I bumped into an ex boyfriend on the way there, that was special. Anyway, on this occasion the lines didn’t seem to be going in so I decided to leave it for the evening get up earlier the next day and learn the lines then. Phone wakes me up and I think it must be really early as my alarm hasn’t even sounded yet, it’s my agent “darling where are you?” urm, I tell her I’m in bed of course and what’s the news?? The news is I’m already half an hour late, this casting director has wanted to get me in for ages, is a good one and I’m late. I’m NEVER late… “Oh bloody hell darling. Fuck fuck fuck, ok let me think”… my agents great, not that much older than me, totally focused and engaged to a friend I set her up with…. “Ok, ok the central line is down, are you on that one?” I tell her no… she then tells me that for today I am, and I’m ill… so I turn up an hour late, feigning illness and tube strikes, sweating like a maniac from the dash there. Go in and the room is full of producers, the director and the casting director. This rarely happens on the first audition, this is recall stage. So not only am I an hour late for a great casting director I have also been skipped through to the last round. She must have been thinking what a great decision she had made. Well with sweat pouring like a waterfall down my face, I forget all the lines, cough every now and again for the illness and sheepishly exit. HORRENDOUS. I immediately call my agent and tell her everything, so she assures me she’ll call up and explain, tell them I’m not at my best – which for the most part is true. Two minutes later she calls me back, strangely enough just after she left them the voicemail apologising for my crapness they call her, say I’m perfect for the role and give me the job…. So lesson…? Always turn up late and every so often flinch in pain.


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