Ricky’s Gay?!?!?!

I had my teeth done a while ago, got some veneers put in as although my teeth were perfectly healthy they had inspired the nickname henge… Many casting breakdowns, especially for commercials, always specify good skin and great teeth. I hate that line. I was very excited to show them off even though the drugs hadn’t quite worn off and I still had little control of my mouth. Not that that’s terribly unusual for me!!.  I met up with a very close friend of mine who is also in the biz. He is slightly younger than I am and fabulous in every way. He’s an actor, singer, dancer and from Essex AND gay. All those things together make for one of the most interesting people you are ever likely to meet. When I first met him I had no idea he was gay – my gaydar is rubbish though, Ricky Martin was a shocker for me – he was always talking about legs and arse and shagging, I just assumed he was referring to women. Anyway when he turns up his face is looking taught and very very smooth. Yep, he’s had Botox, early 20s and Botox. I was surprised, never noticed any wrinkles before, but he loves it and I love my teeth so why the hell not. So there we were in a pub in london bridge, I can’t feel my lips and he can’t feel his face, but we both looked bloody fantastic!!


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